Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paris wine!

Every year, since my friend Roniece made me discover it, I go to the Vendanges du "Château Charonne", a fun event organized by the Café Mélac, named after its (former) owner. Of course the whole thing is just an occasion to party, drink a lot of wine and eat typical food from Aveyron (a region of France). And there is no such thing as a "Chateau" at rue Charonne, just a few grapes that some familiar faces (to PDPers!) have tried harvesting with style! These legs however belong to no one I know, just some random girl who wanted to experience the feeling of crushing grapes! And before you ask, no, we did not drink anything from that bucket!


  1. Interesting. And Ewww. (Does it stain your feet like it stains clothing?) Just curious.

    1. It does, but they had large buckets of water where people could rinse right after "playing"!

  2. Seems like a good way to work off a frustrating week -- eat, drink, and stomp!

  3. To Americans of a certain age, this will remind you of Lucy and Ethel in Italy. lol.

  4. Roniece has a lot to answer for! Denise

  5. Actually, I'd like to thanks Roniece for introducing you to this fun event—that we now get to enjoy (sort of) too!