Sunday, September 08, 2013

Royal graffiti

I love this graffito; like you may have recognized it, it shows Prince Charles and Princess Diana from England in a pretty disrespectful way; on Prince Charles it's written "un con" (a jerk) whereas on Lady Di it's only written "a princess"! The drawing is really cool, but I have no idea who made it.


  1. wow. That must be an old graffito. It seems such a long time ago (although, Diana made the cover of September's Vogue USA--so maybe not).

    1. No it's pretty recent actually. Probably because there is a film about Princess Di coming up...

  2. I, too, wonder how old this is - could this have stood the test of time?

  3. It's amazing what you manage to find as graffiti. Is there a day-to-day graffiti guide in Paris? Probably not, but still, you have one impressive collection. These two - members of the Royal family - were not made ​​for each other and therefore quite unhappy. And although I am not a specialist of the royal family I think the couple now formed by Charles and Camilla is much happier. Because these two are, this time, made ​​for each other, aren't they? Even though Diana's death is a terrible mess for this smiling, kind, beautiful lady and invested mom, that is life! As sad as it is. Apparently the eldest son of Charles and Diana is doing very well. The youngest is probably less stronger though his antics may apparently suggest otherwise.
    In short, Charles has probably misbehaved with a princess like she was, in all ways. But the amazing thing is that it does no more give that impression now. This happens to many couples actually. Unless you come to find your soul mate you probably will not form a happy couple, no matter the physical, title, money, etc. ... Love is present if the same kind of soulmates meet. Sometimes it does not happen. Sometimes it does.
    I Wonder what kind of gentleman (or soulmate) would have made Diana really happy. Probably, will never have the answer. We know the answer (what kind of lady) for Charles. He is stronger than the woman she was. But her death still made a lot of people, she lived with or not, very sad.

  4. It doesn't look old, but if not I have to wonder why them, why now? There really is a lot of interesting graffiti in Paris, isn't there?