Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Counting the French!

There are precisely 65,7 million people in France (well there were in 2012). How do I know that? Because the French bureau of statistics (which is called INSEE - for National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) counts the French every now and then. Before it used to be every 4 years and now it's every year, but only in certain areas (which they extrapolate afterwards I suppose). This year, in Paris, it's the 6th, 14th, 16th and 18th arrondissement. It's compulsory of course... I took this photo during a sort of Flashmob on the trocadero esplanade ;-) Totally unrelated of course.


  1. This is whimsical, colorful, spectacular!

  2. I knew it would only be matter of time before the French fashion industry turned its attention to the Burka.
    Wait a minute, isn't it illegal to cover you face in public in France? :-)

    1. Yes I think it is Drummond, but it's not really clear. Besides, there are exceptions for costumed parties!!

  3. I was wondering what this colorful group of folks had to do with the census . . .
    They count us every ten years (and they make a big deal about it—last time, one of my daughters had a job working on the huge ad campaign to get people to cooperate).