Sunday, November 09, 2014


I'm not religious, but from time to time, I appreciate a little contemplation, like on Saturday, when I attended the Christening of the daughter of friends of mine in the Swedish Church of Paris. A very moving and merry moment. Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. I'll bet you were praying for your move to be over. Great shot !

    1. LOOOOOOL! It'll take much more than a prayer I'm afraid...

  2. a faster lens and more manual operating would have made this, for you, somewhat of a nice shot. The focus on the shirt dulled the candle sharpness and a selection of a different lens...done before entering the darker environment or being on one of several cameras you could carry ...which goes to planning so as to give scope in the predictable environment could have seen this a good photo...still with progressive focus from the arm and candle to more out-of-focus rear work. One change of lens in focal length and speed (quality lens as opposed to just a change of focal length) would have made this an image of quality. Using telephoto lenses is always a compromise irrespective of the advantages Sometimes the choice of aperture/speed makes all the difference and using the lens you did....I think it fell over there owing to the compensations of 'auto exposure'..but then how long did you have to take the photo?..not long, thus planning to benefit from the environment and for some sudden happening of interest has to be constantly in one's mind.