Sunday, November 02, 2014

From Kazakhstan, with love...

As you're all aware, I'm sure, it's currently the week of Kazakhstan in Paris ;-)) and, well I could not miss that, of course. So I went by the Louvre where they have a big exhibition - and a stage to listen to Kazakhstan music! - and well, it was the occasion to meet NOT camera shy people, which is a nice change from Parisians... The tents in the back are Yurts, a sort of local condominium... Have a great Sunday everyone, in Kazakhstan and everywhere in the world ;-)


  1. Quite colourful traditional clothing. I've seen a similar structure here a couple of years ago during our Winterlude.

  2. I like the way you composed this image.
    Looks like great models for a great event!
    Happy Sunday to you too.
    Greetings from me in Stavanger.

  3. They're beautiful! And no problem with your favorite angle because they're so young. Women my age would be telling you, "Shoot from above!" ;~}