Saturday, November 15, 2014

Like finding a needle in a haystack!

I know this is a pretty surprising photo! It's just that I wanted to draw your attention on an interesting, odd artist performance that took place in Paris on November 13. Sven Sachsalber, an Italian artist, spent 29 hours and 30 minutes in the Palais de Tokyo (the home of the Paris modern art museum) actually looking for a real needle in a haystack! I'm not kidding, check out the video!


  1. Of course I like the silly idea as well as the silly picture !

  2. Saw this on (USA) National news last night. Mr. Sachsalber obviously has WAY too much free time on his hands!

  3. I hope he didn't get public funding for this!

    1. Petrea: The French and the Italians have a different idea about public funding of the arts.