Sunday, April 01, 2012

April theme day: cobblestones

Due to the hacking of the servers that host the City Daily Photo portal, it is down at the moment, so that we were "in the dark" regarding this month's theme day. Thanks to Julie in Sydney, we have a workaround, even though there will undoubtedly be less participants this time - but I'm sure you will survive ;-) ... The theme day for this month is "Cobblestones" which was a piece of cake for me, as in Paris, we're not short of cobblestones, every though they are regularly covered with tar, that is considered much safer (especially when it rains when it becomes very slippery...). I posted several photos of them, but for today, I took a very very traditional one.


  1. Glad they haven't tared over over the ones around the Arc!

  2. "Cooblestones"? Was this for "Cool cobblestones" or maybe should be "coolblestones"?!
    Here is a good creativity between cool and stone.
    Maybe unvoluntary, maybe not...!

  3. Perfect theme for Paris!


  4. just wondering if you are playing an April Fools Day joke on us Eric with your theme "cooblestones".

    You really got an up close picture of the theme!

  5. This theme day was pretty much invented for you, Eric!

  6. A beautiful familiar sight Eric .... Cobbles-stones add so much character to a place..

  7. Verny nice perspective.

    I can't believe people would want to hack CDP.

  8. I love cobbles-stones that they really massage my feet when I walk on them.

  9. I wondered if these cobblestones would feature- I like the angle too- similar to my own offering for theme day!

    Chrissy at Mancunian Wave photo blog

  10. I don't know what you had to do to get this angle on such a busy spot, but glad that you're still alive to show it haha!

  11. Like always excellent choice, the picture is beautiful.

  12. great shot Eric - my wife hates cobblestones they are wheelchair unfriendly.

  13. Yes, I guess it was easy to find cobblestones in Paris! Much more challenging to see cobblestones here in EAGAN!
    I hope the CDP portal will be back up soon!

  14. That stinks about the servers, but this is nonetheless a lovely cobblestone shot. :)

  15. What a shot! I agree with Monica; you are committed to your audience. Merci. If these cobblestone could talk they'd probably say... "Hey Eric, watch out for that *$&# bus!" Glad you lived to tell the tale. As for the CDP hackers, get a life!

  16. Has anybody heard?

    Au revoir les euros
    By Laura K. Lawless,
    April 1, 2012

    À la une : French Finance Minister François Baroin made an unscheduled appearance on TF1's Le journal de 20h last night to announce that France can no longer afford to remain part of the euro. Claire Chazal, the host of France's most popular news program, was visibly shocked throughout. Citing many difficulties, including debt swap, national bankruptcies, and fear that the term GIPSI could become FIGSIP (« très moche » dit-il), Baroin unveiled a radical new plan for France to withdraw from the troubled euro zone. President Sarkozy and high-level ministers had considered a return to the franc, but decided creating a brand-new currency would have more of an impact.

    France will launch the new currency on its own, gradually making it available to other French-speaking countries that meet stringent criteria,

    National debt of no more than 3% GDP
    Unemployment of less than 8%
    Participation in French agricultural subsidies
    Purchase of one bottle of wine or water per citizen per week, à prix d'ami

    Suggested names for the new currency included sarkozèpe, which was immediately rejected; hexagognon, which would have been too difficult to mint; and francofric, which favors freshness, fun, and francophilia but was finally found to be altogether too alliterative. Argentine was the front-runner for a while, until geography buffs and world travelers started getting confused. Finally, in painful recognition of the love-hate relationship between France and the United States, the new French currency was dubbed the doulaire.

    Final details will be ironed out after the second round of presidential elections in May, since a win by François Hollande, the Socialist candidate who is polling well despite being trop vilain to ever become president, might lead to additional concerns. But if Sarkozy maintains his seat, the doulaire will make its world début in one year, on April Fool's Day! Poisson d'avril ! Je t'ai eu ? Did I get you? If you made it this far without catching on to my little joke, let me assure you that there's no such thing as the doulaire and, as far as I know, France has no intention of withdrawing from the euro. However, during the last election a friend of mine did insist that Hollande is trop vilain to be president; we'll see if he's right next month. Have a great day!

    I almost got caught!

    by By Laura K. Lawless, Guide April 1, 2012

  17. Everytime when i'm seeing there some ppl on their bikes i'm thinking: what a crazy people! This rondo looks really dangerous for cyclists.

  18. As an odd bit of information, my father drove a tank in WWII. While they trained extensively in the US prior to D-Day, what they didn't plan for were cobblestones! When the US tanks hit cobblestones, it was like ice. Their treads just spun (not good if a German tank is shooting at you). So the US had to refit the treads on their tanks to deal with cobblestones.