Sunday, September 16, 2012

European heritage days

Europe may not be on the edge of economic progress at the moment, but it has a pretty good heritage! And to celebrate it, the Council of Europe and the European Commission have created a yearly event called "the European heritage days"! Principle? Open the doors of historical buildings that are normally closed to the public. Paris (and France in general) has a lot to offer on those days which explains why the streets are packed with people and why I have had trouble making my way through any of the interesting stuff... I did manage to visit the Eglise Saint Joseph des Carmes though, which is rarely open. It's known for its stunning ceiling that you can see in this photo, on the making of.


  1. This church looks very Italian Baroque to me, including the ceiling.....And I am longing to have experienced the Heritage days in Paris, sigh.
    I spent the day in the Florida Everglades. I saw a dead alligator whose head was bitten off by another because he invaded his territory.

    And what did you all do during Heritage Day ,but in your city, UNLESS YOU WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE IN CDG?

  2. PHX, you know how to party!

    I want to be in Paris during Heritage Days someday, any day, soon.

  3. Eric, I like how you 'open' your doors to us each day....and let new images and ideas enter our minds :)

  4. Question très 'profane' : Pourquoi cette église est-elle concernée par les portes ouvertes des journées du patrimoine... ? Ce ne sont pas seulement les biens appartenant à l'Etat qui en sont l'objet ?

  5. @Anonymous. En fait, depuis quelques années, les biens appartenant au patrimoine français au sens large prennent part à ces journées. Brasseries, banques, établissent religieux (toutes religions incluses évidemment) et même art traditionnel français (hier j'ai fait la visite des bureaux de Tassinari Chatel, un des rares "Soyeux" lyonnais restant, précisément labélisé "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" - Avec pas grand chose à photographier sur place malheureusement, sinon, c'est eux que j'aurais choisis pour ma photo du jour !

    Cette journée serait géniale si... il n'y avait pas tant de monde partout !

    @PHX. I must admit the gator story is not bad, but... you of all people, would be in heaven if you could be in Paris on these heritage days!

  6. Beautiful architecture and the ceiling is spectacular! :)

  7. Merci beaucoup Eric pour ces précisions. C'est vrai qu'il y a du monde mais ces journées sont exceptionnelles (ou bien c'est le patrimoine francais qui l'est). Je viens de passer une journée éreintante mais sublime !
    Musée d'orsay (depuis les travaux quelle mise en valeur!) et assemblée nationale, un classique d'éducation civique et d'histoire!
    Je me suis offert (pour pas cher d'ailleurs) un livre sur le patrimoine de Paris. Il est question des métiers et entreprises du patrimoine vivant.
    Belle journée parisienne avec une météo bénie des dieux...
    A bientôt.

  8. First thing Saturday morning, I visited the Joaillerie Mellerio dits Meller on rue de la Paix. It's fantastic to learn about the history of such amazing places - 400 years in the business, world's first jewellery store, owned by the same family for 14 generations, came to France from Italy when Marie de Médicis brought her own chefs, hairdressers, etc. and own jeweller. A highly recommended visit. Then Matignon Sunday morning. As people with wheelchairs and pushchairs don't need to wait (except at the Elysée where families with pushchairs still need to line up), it may be worthwhile to "get yourself hurt" just before the weekend. At l'Hôtel de Matignon, a woman with crutches pushed through all the crowds to fly upstairs on her own feet. I could have taught her how to use the crutches to go upstairs if she were truly in pain. Next year, perhaps I'll rent a toddler in a pushchair... ;)

  9. What a stunning looking ceiling, wish I was in Paris yesterday to check it out