Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paris air

When I saw this girl in this shirt, I immediately thought it would make a cool photo if I could manage to include enough blue sky in it. So I ran and took this shot. Later I debated whether I should remove her coat on the left, straighten the wall, etc. And then I decided to do nothing (and not because I was lazy, but because I thought the shot was good as is!). Anyway, let me take advantage of this shot to offer you a bit of Paris air today (actually right when I'm posting this I can hear the rain starting to fall!). 


  1. Yeah, a lovely shot from the master-of-the-wierd-angle ...

  2. Glad to see you're having such beautiful weather! When I first saw this shot, I immediately thought of Humpty Dumpty! I wonder if there is a French translation that also rhymes?

  3. Le ciel bleu!! Love the shot. Glad you didn't knock yourself out editing it. I like it just as it is!

  4. this photo is a exelent shot,natural without doing any touch up for perfection...this is the perfect shot ...Congratulation Eric....
    Beautiful warm Spring weather here in Sydney for the last 2 weeks...just blue,and warm like your sky here.......Merci Eric..LOL*********

  5. Very cool shot! I love the way the shirt is billowing in the breeze.

  6. I love it, Eric.
    No pollution, at least, it can be hoped. Maybe I would have been tempted to remove the coat, too. But I think you are fully right. This one is light and sweet like it is.
    Un coquelicot dans le ciel bleu.

  7. Beautifully spotted, Eric. The colours pop! I agree not to remove the coat - sometimes pics are too perfect and also, the coat helps to tell her story.

  8. If you knew how much it's been raining in Paris today LOL! I should never have posted this shot yesterday ;-)

  9. The sky is perfect and that pop of rouge is a great contrast in your always-interesting angles!

    Photographers love Paris rain or shine... and even snow!


  10. Great capture—and perfect exactly as is. Hope you enjoyed this beau ciel bleu while it lasted!

  11. Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven
    Don'tcha know each cloud contains pennies from heaven?
    You'll find your fortune fallin' all over town
    Be sure that your umbrella
    Is upside down

    Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers
    If you want the things you love, you must have showers
    So when you hear it thunder
    Don't run under a tree
    There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me

  12. Well, I have looked at this photo twice and have come to the conclusion, for myself, that I would have removed the the blue jacket. Doing so would make a more elegant abstract composition. And yes, if I had the software, would have gotten rid of the barrel distortion at the bottom. my, my, petty, petty!
    But who wants to do all that work?
    Never the less, all of your fans out here do appreciate your stalking your city for unique subjects and angles under all hours and weather conditions.

    A question. Are there modern sculptures sprinkled around Paris?
    Here in Chicago we currently have three (3) different large outdoor "exhibits" of large abstract sculptures all along our lake front from our museum campus and harbor in our "front yard" along the lake continuing for five (5) miles as well as out into the lake at Navy Pier and into the neighborhood of Lincoln Park and Lakeview.

  13. Love, Love, LOVE blue skies! (I once painted my ceiling blue to mimic blue skies, because we get a lot of gray and cloudy days here, especially in the winter.) Thanks for sharing your blue sky!