Monday, August 22, 2005

August: Paris is closed!

No longer the summer season, not yet the fall season... Mannequins don't know how to dress!


  1. At least this blog doesn't close in August! Bravo!

  2. Here's a great picture which makes one realizes he'll never be a good photographer cos' had he been passing along he'd never have seen the view as worth taking a picture of. The railing as background for these 4 shadows of naked humans calls for philosophical development...
    Great shot again Eric and you make me feel soooooo humble !


  3. Fantastic shot Eric. Tell me, it looks like you are shooting it from the inside of the store looking out. The butts of the mannequins are facing you and the fence is behind them. Did I get that right? I agree with anonymous, I would have passed this one by!

  4. A very good one indeed !

    but i thought you were leaving for mt st michel ?

  5. > Anonymus. Thanx, I am glad you noticed!

    > Ruby, glad to make you laugh!

    > Flocon. Come on! It's only because of digital camaras. I take thousands of pictures and I keep only a few.. Thanx anyway.

    > Chantel. Thank you.

    > Michael. Glad to see you back. Well no actually the store is closed so I took it from the outside. But they did put the mannequin between the windowshop and the metal curtain. In fact I had to resize it as you probably notice for the whole scene was not very atractive.

    >Charlus. Yes, well I went there for 2 days and now I am back!