Monday, August 01, 2005

I want to ride my bicycle...

Like in all large cities Paris experiences traffic problems and regular pollution peaks, especially in the summer time. To avoid drastic measures like the inner city toll in London the Paris city town hall tries to discourage people from using their car and use public transportation or bicycle instead. It works a little (see this graph), but the shift is not really spectacular.

Maybe it's because unlike in northern European cities (Holland, Germany, Belgium...) where bicycle lanes have been created on the sidewalks, in Paris, they have been mostly created on the streets, as part of the bus lanes. And bus lanes are not so well respected, as you can see...

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  1. It is like that in Columbus - it takes a brave sould to commute into the heart of Columbus on a bike.

  2. I do wish that the U.S. would be more pedestrian and biker friendly. A good bit of my small town is neither (lack of sidewalks and bike paths.)

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