Saturday, August 06, 2005

Smoking clown!

Very popular among the kids who were watching him doing faces and tricks on Paris Plage, this clown also made the day of one little girl by drawing something especially for her! The sad part - in my opinion - is that he did it while smoking a cigarette at the same time (as you can see...). Smoking is definitely part of the French culture, but not the part I prefer.


  1. Cigarettes are nasty!

    The framing you selected for you clown and his facial expression make him look sinsiter. I really like how you chose to emphasize his hands.

  2. Great shot, Eric!
    Sorry, but clowns scare the s**t out of me! My daughter is the same way; I remember once, when she was 3, I had to take her home after she had been totally spooked by a clown who was making animal balloons at the mall, as part of a department store event.

    There was a good discussion about smoking in France on Michael's Blog (by the way, where did he go?!!?) And yes, I would say that it is somewhat inappropriate for someone working with children to be smoking on the job. However, The Marlboro Clown, that would be a somewhat innovative advertising campaign, wouldn't it?

  3. Thanks Rock. I had another one where his ace could be better seen, but yes I thought it was better this way.

    > Elisabeth. I agree clowns can be extremely scary. Marlboto Clown?! Come on!!

  4. Well the paper, pen and...cigarette definitely take away the sinister element.

    Nice pictures Eric. My compliments.