Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Elevated Metro - Métro aérien

Yesterday I showed you kids playing underneath the elevated Metro and here is what this "air railway" ("Métro aérien", as we call it in French) looks like. The road you can see here is actually a bridge (Pont de Bercy) that joins the 12th arrondissement to the 13th arrondissement.


  1. that's a nice shot you have there!!

    blue sky plus beautiful bridge, no wonder kids like to hang out there rollerblading ;-)

  2. Nice angle - Train to the sky, or is it heading down towards another destination...

  3. funny, because we were talking of roller skating yesterday. and when i saw today's picture, i immediately thought of the numerous roller blading ballade that i made around here. going over this bridge is a typical of the friday roller blading fever, especially when it started and ended at place d'italie. or the one on sunday, starting at bastille. i remember this bridge as it was yesterday.