Monday, August 29, 2005

The Mannix of Paris!

18 rue du Louvre in the 1st arrondissement, there is the office of Duluc, a private investigator which - almost - all Parisians are aware of. Why? Because it has "always" been there, because the name Duluc sounds funny, like the one of a comic strip character and because... of this sign! Duluc Detective was actually founded in 1913 by Jean Duluc (at a different address at that time) and is now run by Martine Baret. She and her 5-team members investigate on lost people, employees morality, adultery... If you speak French and want to know everything about Duluc, take a look at this interview on the new Parisist site.


  1. Mannix! oh my. cracked me up that you referenced THAT. :)

  2. And, Eric, in "verlan" (a french slang where letters are inverted. I.e. : "merci" becomes "cimer"), Duluc becomes "funny" : "Ducul" (some ass...) is quite a good name when you are investigating on adultery...

  3. Thanks, expecially for the link to the Parisist site!
    Isido - excellent observation, I was laughing out loud!

  4. Un peu tiré par les cheveux tout de même, ce n'est ni un palindrome, ni du vrai verlan...
    En revanche c'est de cette agence que François Truffaut s'est inspiré pour le film "Baisers Volés" dans lequel Antoine Doisnel (jean Pierre Leaud) fait ses premiers pas dans la vie professionelle en devant détective.


  5. Oui, Flocon, j'avoue, ce n'est pas du "pur" verlan... Et j'adore la capillo-traction (comme Maître Capillo... oui, bon, c'est nul...).
    Mais "luc" a souvent été utilisé pour rendre "cul" acceptable dans les "bonnes familles".
    in english : yes, Flocon, you're right, it's not "real" verlan. (the pun about Me Capello is impossible to translate).
    But "luc" is a word that have been used by "good families" to say "cul" (ass) in the old days...

  6. Sympa cette photo. Comme quoi, on peut faire de supers photos avec des choses simples

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