Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not a pretty site

Most people who visit the Paris markets are used to the fresh display of cheese, flowers, and of course vegetables. I came across this group that seemed to have lost themselves in all the hustle and bustle. Their features, or what remains of them, are not a pretty sight. This is also the sight I am going to go back to after the white sandy beaches of West Florida for, yes, today is the day I'm flying back to Paris! It's always nice to come home though ;)


  1. Hey! I'm first for once, just before I (and I assume you too Eric) go to bed!

    Have a good trip back to Paris, and I suggest maybe a mutual photo shoot, which us taking a few pics of each other around Paris the first weekend we are both free - should be interesting.

    Bon voyage, Sab

  2. Oops, just realised you won't actually be going to bed right now - I forgot you weren't in Paris. But you're sticking to your habit of posting you new pic around midnight, I notice! Good luck with the jetlag. ~Sab

  3. Bon voyage. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our side of the Atlantic.

  4. I like the people in the background having lunch - tbey don't seem to mind the "site"! Have a safe trip home, Eric!

  5. Not a pretty sight? Oh, I don't know ... I guess this family of mannequins has seen better days but they do look kind of cute huddled together, like that.

    Are they plotting against something, or someone? Or are they just commenting privately about this strange being with a digital camera looking at them.

    OK, I'm losing it here, lol. Welcome home Eric, and don't feel bad about coming home, you'll probably be back out jetsetting in no time!

  6. These torsos have indeed, as you say, "bustled" more than a few times. Ahem, they have also been "hustled" out of their heads, arms and legs, too. Let's hope they find them soon. Bon voyage, Eric!

  7. I kind of like the incongrus aspect of it.
    Bon retour!

  8. Bye, bye Eric. We in Florida wish you a safe trip back home. Because you live beyond our reach we are so honored you came and left your footprints on our beach.

  9. Dear Eric

    My wife and I have recently spent a great week in Paris and your site was an inspiration for us. I took a huge number of photos, some inspired by yours! Keep up the great work, your site is a daily visit for me now.


  10. Thank you all, that is very nice of you. Yes, Sab I am jet lagged, that is the least you can say LOL

    But I made it to Pareee and that is what matters. The Rugby world cup is about to start and that will give me plenty of photos opportunities I'm sure.

    Off to bed now.

  11. Hi everybody.
    Yes Eric, with the World Cup you will see plenty of young girls with beers in the hands (me included)! Have a nice shoot.
    Just one question: where are you from? I was wondering why there was so much american people around here!
    (sorry for my English expression, that's fun coz i'm almost a fluent person (in speaking, not in writing...) but my grammar is still very fragile!)

  12. "I was wondering why there was so much american people around here!"

    I believe we are called Francophiles (insert smiley face here, which I don't DO)