Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A picture paints a thousand words

If a picture paints a thousand words like in many cities I imagine, you can come across street artists who will paint/draw/sketch/take your portrait "in just 5 minutes" if you are willing to sit for it. This particular photo was taken near the Café Beaubourg, but you can find them in many places, most notably at Place du Tertre - Montmartre.


  1. Ach Tomate, it is Sarkozy in disguise feeling the country's pulse.

    Hi Eric, hope all is well with you.

    Hi Lynn and Monica.

  2. Wicked bad storms in Chicago knocked out power for two days and broadband for five. The first thing I clicked on once we were back up? PDP, of course! Glad to see and read everything again!

  3. Hi Clo!

    Is he drawing the blond woman seating in front of him? Cause from here it doesn't look like her at all!

  4. It's a Picasso photo: all the perspective is distorted. Oh, maybe I've visited this exhibit at the Walker Art Center too often:

    Well, that's what I do on Sunday afternoons, then a walk in the sculpture gardens or along the river and then dinner with wine (French, bien sur). Not quite as nice as a walk around Beaubourg, but it'll do.

  5. she really looks like Segolene Royal:)

  6. Merci pour ces fabuleuses images. Grâce à vous je découvre chaque jour des nouveaux bijoux de ma ville que j'aime tant.

  7. I had a silhouette done in Montmartre the first time I went to Paris. It actually looked like my friend and hers looked like me so we switched. :)

  8. Hi Eric! I'm back in business after the summer break. It's very curious, because we have doubled up on a few images again - psychic or what?! My last two posts before the holiday were of a silhouette cutter and a portrait painter in place du Tertre, and I'd swear that my artist is painting the same girl as yours!!! See what you think! Also, you spotted a French flag on a 2CV, and I recently saw something similar as an RER whizzed by... happenstance...

  9. I am guessing by the angle of the shot that it's the artist holding the brushes who is painting this woman. Of course, the hair style also gives us a clue.

  10. Elle est magnifique cette place devant le centre Pompidou. Je ne suis pas Parisienne, et pourtant je l'ai photographié plusieurs fois, au cours de mes promenades...

  11. So smart, Michael! PS-I miss your comments on STL Daily Photo. Have I really been so boring lately that I've only gotten 2 or 3 comments in the last week?!? ;oP

  12. Oh Eric, you give us our daily BREAD. "If" indeed... :)

    For me these global street artists are the ambiance of a city, the poetry along the Seine, and particularly Montmartre. Great photo here, et merci pour le souvenirs!

  13. No Soosha...will be back in a week or so and will check in more often.

  14. I'm a new fan of your website..!
    Thanks to make me travelling in my own city.
    Bref, continuez,je vous en serai reconnaisante!

  15. We had a sketch done of us in Montmartre. The old gal who did it created a masterpiece. She charged 100 Euros for her 15 min. sketch. No wonder she only works one day a week. Interestingly enough, the artists must have a special permit to ply there trade on the square. I had one done years ago at Pirate's Alley in New Orleans. Wonder if that still happens there. It was only $10.

  16. LOL Tomate. Well, even though I'm very far from France right now, I think I heard SR has other things to do at the moment than posing for painters!

    I am well clo, although I'm in the middle of packing... I will soon have to say good bye to the sandy beaches of Florida and head to grey Paris LOL.

    Talking about Florida, yesterday I met with David from Sarasota Daily Photo. Nice guy.

    I've decide, from now on, I'm going to take my vacation only in cities where I can meet DP bloggers LOL

    Glad to see you back Vicky. Power outage in Chicago?! What's that about???

    No Monica, he is not!

    Jeff "with wine (French, bien sur)". Ok, thanks for helping French wine producers!!

    Zsolt. you think so?! Funny I did not think of that on the spot but now that you mention it. hope she won't sue me LOL

    Merci Enigmus, chest gentil tout plein, chuis confus ;)

    Marcia. LOL. Probably because you are both beautiful...

    PSMF. Hey Sab, How have you been? This time we MUST meet each other. it's been 3 years we've been talking about it! And we don't need a psychic to program this!!

    Michael. That would also be my guess;)

    DO. Oui, moi je l'aime bien aussi. Mais bon, les avis sont partagés, comme toujours...

    Steverino. And I do to!

    Soosha. I'm sure Michael will comment on STLDP as soon as he comes back from vacation.

    Loraine. Give us our daily bread?! It reminf me of something, but what ?!!

    Michael again. Hurry back, your fans want you!

    Guille. Hey new fan! Welcome... Les nouveaux sont bien traités ici ;)

    Johnny. "She charged 100 Euros for her 15 min" that's horrendous! But if it was a masterpiece I suppose it was worth it. Besides, Montmartre is not a Pirate Alley LOL.

  17. OMG, my friend Bobby just showed me how to finally put my picture up! Hope you're having a great vacation, Eric!

  18. Hey Pont Girl! Great to SEE you here!
    I love your photo, so funny! And of course, there's a pont in it!

  19. Thanks, Monica - it only took me a year and a half or so!!

  20. Oooh Eric, you know you need to visit St. Louis some time for vacation! You get a 2fer. Both Bob and I can meet up with you at some of the best haunts STL has to offer!

    I know, Michael, I'm only messing with you! Though I do truly miss your witty comments, I'm happy that you're having a good time on vacation! (Of course I'm happy you're having fun on yours too Eric! ;D)