Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Walk on by

You may have visited Paris and just walked on by this wall on the Left Bank. As it turns out, you may have just walked by a bit of history that displays itself throughout all of Paris. The walls of Philippe Auguste can be found throughout the city, depicting history that has long been forgotten by many. This fantastic site will show you where to find pieces of the wall that surrounded Paris, some even in a restaurant or two you may have frequented while here.


  1. I think Monica mentioned seeing part of this in one of her comments. Am I right Monica?

    P.S. Eric, I saw the Figaro article they wrote about you in the high tech section of their online newspaper! You're becoming a star!!

  2. Bonsoir Eric,

    Je viens tout juste de décrouvrir ce blog. Quelle merveille! Je lisais le Figaro sur le web et on y parlait de ce blog. Je suis allée le voir et me voila charmée par Paris!

    Canadienne d'origines Francaise ( et mariée a un gentil francais) ca fait super plaisir de découvrir Paris a tavers ton blog. J'ai particulièrement aimé l'article sur le Resto Chartier. Chapeau!

    Anne, Ingersoll Ontario, Canada

  3. Eric, were you following me in Paris?!

    That's right Michael, that's the wall I mentioned here the other day!

    When I walked by it, it immediately caught my attention and I got closer to read what the sign said. It was a nice surprise. It was also a surprise to see this photo here, seems like we both had the same idea!

    Here's my version of THE WALL
    Similar to yours, son't you think?!

  4. Glad you went for a little walk "in the "ghetto," Eric, and brought back this little goodie for us! Many cool things to see in the 5th, if you just start walking away from St. Michel and through the lesser knwon streets.

    Yeah, where is that article everybody mentions? Oh, alright, I'll get it... Here you go:

    (sorry, no time to link, just cut and paste in your browser, it should work).

  5. I love this piece of history! I have read so many historical fiction books that talk about the wall surrounding Paris.

    Thanks for your photo, too, Monica - I hadn't seen your Paris photos - incredible!!

  6. Oh I would definately not just walk by that wall. I absolutely love scenes like this.

    Michael: Becoming a star?!? I thought Eric was already a huge celebrity! He certainly is in our books!

    Monica, I'm not surprised you and Eric posted similar pictures. Great minds think alike, after all!

  7. I recall this, too. Now you have the Periphique surrounding you! ;^) I have a lovely copy of a book of days that shows drawings and paintings of the wall in medieval times.

  8. That's my old neighborhood! I used to live on Rue des Bernardins near Rue Monge. That wall is down the road from the Shopi we frequented. *sigh* The memories!

  9. Always interesting to see a bit of history poking out from somewhere, if you notice it. Congrats on the interview for Figaro, by the way - excellent!

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  11. Eric, beautiful picture. I read you interview in Le Figaro also; You are getting great coverage. Now the question is when will you publish the book?

  12. Pont Girl thanks!
    LOL Soosha! and I agree with you, for us Eric already is a star!

    I just read the Figaro article. The numbers are impressive. Congrats Eric and thanks again for all the effort you put into PDP (thanks for the link Tomate)

  13. Wow, where to begin...

    Tomate, thanks for the link!

    Eric, what a wonderful article, and as I've said to you before,
    je peut seulement imaginer toute la patience et la perseverance qu'un tel travail demande. Three hours per day!!! The book, and indeed why not, I predict will be a success. If you lived in the U.S., Hollywood would afterwards be approaching you to do a movie on you. Si. Si. Je t'assure. :)

    Great photo today. Not "just another brick on the wall". Unbelievable history attached to it. Ohh, if the walls could talk..

    Monica, I looked at your version as well, and enjoyed perusing your other photos. I'm so glad the weather cooperated for you guys.

    Bon, j'arrête de monopoliser l'espace... :)


  14. Perfect!! I have bookmarked this for a later learning experience. I think I lived there at that time in another life..LOL! The website is fascinating!!

    Oui..the "ghetto" is full of treasures ehh?? Like the rue Mouffetard..LOL!! Tomate won't let that one rest..LOL!! Go get 'em...tomate!! LOL!

    Tomate Farcie said...

    Glad you went for a little walk "in the "ghetto," Eric

  15. I just love seeing some of my photos on PDP!! Actually, ton ami Michel took me on a walking tour of le Quartier Latin and I have photos of this piece and another one: which also is on the Philippe August website! That is a really cool site, thanks for the link. These very old relics are wonderful, and not what every tourist sees--only with friends and PDP!

  16. Great find - thanks for sharing it.
    Now, let me read that Figaro article! Congrats!!!