Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Thema Day : funny sign

Today is June 1st, therefore a theme day within the City Daily Photo community and today's theme is: "funny signs". I must confess I really did not have anything to post, for signs rarely crack me up! However, I found near Saint Sulpice, this cute little sign (a Catholic association called "Pour l'unité" apparently) that shows the three wise men. Nothing extraordinary, nor "funny" and surely not a good photo, but at least I can say I participated in the theme day!! As usual visit the other CDP around the world; they may have funnier signs than mine! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants
PS : don't forget the PDP picnic this Sunday (June 6) at 1 PM. More details on this Facebook Page. The weather is going to be gorgeous.


  1. Maybe not funny exactly, but definitely charming! Good take on the theme, I think.

  2. That's really good, Eric.
    And really a not easy theme day at all...

  3. Cute rather than funny.

    Perhaps Paris is short of funny signs at the moment? Perhaps at the last street demonstration there would have a few good ones...

  4. PS - mine isn't really funny either so I'll side in with you !

  5. PS 2 - and so sorry I'll miss the PDP picnic on Sunday!

  6. well, funny is in the eye of the beholder - I like it. I wish I was coming to Paris next weekend too!

  7. Not a funny one, but lovely color.

    I agree that it is not easy theme to play this month.

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes

  8. I love signs of all kinds. I'm always taking photos of signs. And I think I have one of this one as well. Isn't this shop next to "Café de la Mairie" ?

    I'm glad you'll have gorgeous weather for the picnic - though it's salt im my wound to hear about it, when I'm not able to attend =o(

  9. Very stylish sign!
    (Wish I could go to Paris on Sunday...
    Perhaps next year?)

  10. "Charming" is the word that sprang to mind first for me, too. A dear little sign, Eric!

  11. Yeah, not exactly funny, but we all know how serious the French are. Just look at Eric's animated picnic invitation and you'll know what I mean! ;-)

    Excellent Louis!

  12. i am so going to miss the picnic! ;-(

    Happy Theme Day!

  13. But there is a funny sheep on the sign, so I think you're good. Why are sheep funny? Because, they really are, when you think about it. Fluffy with sticking out ears. Cute, but funny.

  14. Well you're a team player if nothing else! :) Keep mentioning the PDP Picnic and I'm going to throw a big ole hissy fit!

  15. Thanks Michael for the hot tip about the PDP video. That is hilarious. Eric bustin' a move!! Whoooeeee.

  16. What often intrigues me about signs is the visually attractive "font." Come to think of it, it's the visually attractive "front" that intrigues me about people too. BIDDA BOOM! Seriously though, I dig the French metro signs and would love to see more on PDP.

  17. What a well conceived/designed sign. I love every detail of it, including the gold leaf touches on the hanger.
    So, what does the Gaz sign on the building say?
    Have fun preparing for the picnic, Eric. I hope you will enjoy it and that perhaps you will share a video here for those of us who would love to join you but have this thing called distance to contend with :-). Any chance one of you will kidnap Guille from work so that she can come?

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