Monday, November 29, 2010


Not far from the Eiffel Tower, there is a sort of business center called Cap 15, that companies can use for special events (including a nice terrace over the Seine and overlooking the Eiffel Tower. The building in itself is pretty tacky, but they recently installed these modern frescoes all around it, which gives it a pretty cool effect. If you want a personal detail, this is also the building where I did one of my first training periods, when I was a student... (well, at that time it was not a business center but very old offices that they actually demolished to build this one, that shows you how old I am LOL!).


  1. Very cool! Everything you post is so unique & definitely make the most of living in Paris!

  2. I second that, Helene!

    It's nice to see this; we stayed in an apartment across the Seine from there--well, more directly across from the Parc Citroen, but it was close by. It was easy to get to and from everywhere from there. Ah, memories!

  3. I like the way the figures are posed in this - very much the partying group! & no Eric, you are not old, you are still a very young man especially in the heart!

  4. "Hello, I am Eric T...... of
    Paris Daily Photo."
    (Boogie a little)
    "I would like to invite you to the fifth annual PDP Picnic."
    (Shake your bootie.)
    "It is on the Seine at Port du Louvre."
    (Gyrate one leg, then the other leg.)
    "See you there."
    (Get down and really boogie, little avatar...)

  5. Love the blue like the hokey pokey

  6. Now, that blue is blue!

    (You're not old, you are bold.)

  7. Cool? Oh I don't think so darling!
    That's 'Dad Dancing' if I'm not mistaken. Take it from an expert.
    What about it Daddy Cool?

  8. Very Hip! or is it Chic? Either way--totally cool! Reminds me of the 60's somehow. What fun.

  9. That's funny, I used to pass this building, and the other before this one, for several years when I worked for the language school IFG Languages just after it going away from Bir Hakeim metro - you probably know it, in that funny wedgy white building. Anyway, memories...