Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A museum with a view!

At Trocadéro there is a fabulous museum called La cité de l'architecture et du Patrimoine, where you can see stunning casts and reproductions of what France has to offer in terms of architecture (modern or historical), stain glass, murals, etc. all in one place. I already mentioned it once, but I went back last Saturday for a very interesting event that was held there and that I will deal with later. Whenever I go to this museum I'm always captivated by the view on the Eiffel Tower that you can enjoy during your visit... Here is a little sample ;-)


  1. Can you say . . . parfait? Or how about WOW!

  2. Dear Sir,
    Gidday from Australia.
    I discovered your blog a few days ago and am completely smitten. As I drag myself into my office every morning, and am dreaming of a getaway to Paris, your daily photo completely cheers me up. Thanyou so much and have a great day.

  3. THAT is a very cool pic. I don't know if you just have a fetish about that tower, or it's something about that tower that pulls us towards it, maybe it's at times the way we see it filtered thru views that we don't realize, or people that came before us planned it for us that way, that landmark will invade our mind and be implanted in some small corner of our hearts forever... A monument to always guide us home...

  4. Bon Anniversaire! (A day late)

    I met you in 2006.
    You made it through another one.
    Black and white or color pix,
    Your PDP is always fun.
    And since you'll have another pic(nic)
    With all our friends like PHX,
    This year I'll be there once again.

  5. I just got a giggle from your poem, Jeff.
    I also wanted to welcome Julie and hope she becomes a regular.

  6. I lost a day
    between CDG and the USA
    so because I do care
    a belated anniversaire

  7. Stunning! My relatives say there was snow on the tower. I knew just where to come to see it for myself! ~ ET SUZY

  8. Stunning! My relatives say there was snow on the tower. I knew just where to come to see it for myself! ~ ET SUZY

  9. Very pretty. The lighting makes the ET look almost like a ghost. The way the red wall/doorway frames the window is really engaging. This is definitely a cool picture! Great job! And happy anniversary! I love that I happened upon your site and I do look forward to it every day. The pictures are what got my attention at first, but your commentary is what has kept my attention. It would be interesting to meet you one day.

  10. Joyeux J+1 Eric !
    Magnifique ! Les barreaux dans cette photo sont un classique pour un prisonier, toujours un peu parisien de son quotidien ?!
    Voir la Tour Eiffel est un spectacle parisien extraordinaire quel que soit l'endroit où je me trouve. A chaque fois que je croise sa silhouette, je l'admire. Surtout en vrai. ~.~
    Cette photo où on la voit enneigée est envoûtante. Le fantôme de la Tour est apparu dans deux photos récentes... C'est amusant de personnifier cette Tour incroyable. Quel génie M. Eiffel.
    L'admirer ou l'emprunter et voir Paris depuis son point de vue... Champ de vision décuplé même au premier étage. Deuxième très bien. Troisième pas encore fait. Pareil du musée. Pourtant facile d'accès. J'aurais dû y aller déjà. Les WE ne me suffisent pas à faire tout ce que j'ai envie de faire... C'est ma prison avec vue, c'est bien ça. *sigh*

  11. This is absolutely WONDERFUL, Eric. I just read in a book on Feng Shui that triangular buildings bring bad luck; well how about that??? Good old ET bringing bad luck??? Don't believe it; millions of photos of couples getting there can't be wrong, can they? :)
    There are so many museums in Paris that one wd have to live intramurals to see them all - but I confess that this view alone wd nearly make it worthwhile to visit that particular one!

  12. I have only come across your photos the past couple of days and they are amazing! I love them all

  13. Eric, each day's photo gets better and better (and they were great to begin with!)

    Whatever the cost is for admission to this museum, the view is priceless.

    Happy belated birthday, have a wonderful and healthy year

  14. Merci for your Bday wishes everyone. It's very nice of you. And the compliments too ;-)

    @Anne "Eric, each day's photo gets better and better (and they were great to begin with!)" LOL. No. Sometimes I'm just lucky - the real challenge is not to take a good photo, it's to take a decent photo EVERYDAY!

  15. @Eric : Oh yes I do understand what this challenge means everyday. This is completely extraordinary (surnatural ?!!)! Decent or good are quite the same with you. And I'm not telling that because you'd be fishing for compliments for you are not, I know you enough ! And I'd better stop my speech... But frankly, what a performance... Each photo is decent and good and ... sigh. Words are beyond your work everyday, that's the problem ! LOL

  16. ** Your work is beyond words. I think this is better said... like that ... I'm confused.

  17. I discovered the Cite de la Architecture et de Partromonies on a raiuny January day a couple of years ago and went in to escape the weather. ...WOW. I spent three hours instaed of my usual one in this museum. Fascinating.

    I also found "the view of ET from here and fell in love with her. I had never really appreciated her beauty before.
    THanks for the reminder of a lovely day.
    Love Denise