Monday, February 04, 2013

All about Paris Maisons closes...

This weekend the second edition of Paris Face Cachée (Paris underground...) took place. Quite logically  the purpose of this event is to allow Parisians to (re)discover hidden aspects of Paris (I let you discover the program if you can read French). It was a huge success! I personally attended a conference by Sylvanie de Lutèce (that I had previously featured on Portraits Parisiens) about the history of prostitution in Paris. It was really interesting; I learned everything about Maisons Closes (brothels). Fortunately, they are now (really!) closed and prohibited.


  1. A friend tore up and gave me the page from the Figaro that explained this event. Seems absolutely very interesting. Unfortunately February is unlikely to find me in Paris.

  2. I understand that prostitution is legal, but apparently not brothels.

  3. Well, for a change, that's one item REMOVED from my 'Places to visit in Paris' list.

  4. @Drummond. You should not! It's a very interesting place to visit (and not a brothel at all anymore, but just a trendy bar!)

    @Jeff. Yes prostitution in France is legal (well not illegal), but solicitation isn't. Brothels have been prohibited since 1946.