Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashion Week (again!)

If there is one specialty France has managed to keep alive it's fashion! What was initially a social class identification system has now become a huge industry. Of course we do have competitors, but still... France and Paris in particular is a passage obligé (mandatory place to be) when dealing with fashion (whether on the creative side or the business side). Some may find it superficial, but whether you like it or not you cannot deny it's a true art! Yesterday the Fall/Autumn 2014 season has started and it will last 9 days. I took this photo during a previous show, when, at the end, hairdressers and make up people get on stage to make a appearance.


  1. Art and creativity - love it in every kind :)
    But what do they spray here?

  2. The tradition of "spraying" could be asthma-inducing for some of us :-)
    Interesting photo!

  3. I'd like to get in the middle of that crowd and light a match

  4. I don't know what they're spraying (hairspray?), but it looks like a fuel-air bomb.

    Nonetheless, I am sure that the people who make the beautiful people beautiful do not get enough credit.

  5. I wonder which brand of hairspray it is?
    I just hope that breathing all those fumes is worth it.

  6. How to induce a mass coughing fit! On the other hand, these folks should definitely be recognized (I know what those models look like "before"!). Also, this is a really fun photo!

  7. @Drummond "I wonder which brand of hairspray it is?" LOOOOOOOOL!

    They spray hair spray Birgitta.

    (And no, it has nothing to do with the musical. Good moooooooooohnin' Baltimore... (can you hear me sing?!)

    @Alexa "(I know what those models look like "before"!) That is right Alexa, it used to be "your" world!