Monday, October 21, 2013

By the pale moonlight (II)

I took this photo last evening, while I was going back home. The reason why I stopped is not so much because of the arch that I photographed a zillion times, but because of the moonlight in the background (on the left of the arch). To be fair, it was much more impressive for real than in this photo!


  1. this is very impressive,Eric...full moon in in Sydney our full moon was red last night...from the bushfires..haven't seen a red moon for a long looked like the burning sun...have a very good week Eric..K

    1. Yes we see this on TV everyday, it looks absolutely terrible. So sorry for you. I hope the fire wii stop soon.

  2. Bonsoir, Eric ( Pour toi,, a cet heure, bonjour?) This is absolutely beautiful. I have seen evenings like this at l'Etoile. I can imagine the clear crisp air, the life and traffic all around, and the transcendence that is an evening in Paris.
    Merci bien, mon ami!


  3. It's true—moonlight is SO hard to capture. But I'm still impressed with your mad photo skills!

  4. Sehr schoene Fotografie!!

  5. Pisa has its leaning tower, now Paris has its leaning arch!
    Can't beat a bit of moonlighting.

  6. Great shot! Has a very halloween feel to it!