Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's fall/autumn!

The weather is amazingly beautiful in Paris at the moment, but tree leaves have started falling, it's getting darker and darker every evening and we're even changing time today. No doubt, summer is gone! I took this photo on the Cours Albert 1er, near where I took this one.


  1. I love the contrast effect between the strength of the grass, bright green, and the curled appearance of the dead leaves. I like the feeling of being at the level of the infinitely small ... On the way to the Winter, one hour less one hour more ... I know that the night will soon fall too early ...

    1. "I know that the night will soon fall too early ..." Tell me about it, I'm already depressed! ;-)

  2. Juste un petit clin d'oeil à la poésie de Rostand par les mots de Cyrano de Bergerac :

    Comme elles tombent bien !
    - Dans ce trajet si court de la branche à la terre
    - Comme elles savent mettre une beauté dernière -
    Et malgré leur terreur de pourrir sur le sol -
    Veulent que cette chute ait la grâce d’un vol !

    A free translation could be:
    As they fall well!
    - In this so short way from the branch to the ground
    - Because they know how to put a final beauty -
    And despite their fear of rotting on the ground -
    Want this fall has the grace of a flight !

    1. Wow, ça ça m'impressionne (avec la traduction et tout !)

  3. According to weather there are so many changes in the human beings life. so the leaves of the tress darken and falling down.

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