Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rotten summer!

I came back Sunday evening from Nice to find this terrible weather (I took this photo Monday afternoon). They say in some areas it rained in 2 days the equivalent of 2 months of rain... The poor tourists don't need to worry about getting to much sun, like a at the begining of August, but what to do in Paris when it rains (not that we're short of museums mind you!). As for me, I'm off to Trouville again (Normandy) and something tells me the weather there will be quite similar to this one ;-).


  1. I'll take rainy Paris over sunny Albuquerque any day.

  2. I don't know if I agree, Mrs. V. I've been stuck in a flash flood in Paris and did not like it one bit!

    Come to California, Eric! We are having the best weather ever!

  3. Hope your family is fine, as well as you. Your shot is really funny. Thank you.
    The weather is announced better by the end of the week exactly while I'll come back to work.
    Wish you a sweet night in Normandy... even with the cold and the rain. You'll miss the South, won't you?

  4. My philosophy is that the weather is always great as long as it isn't snowing.

    ET Suzy: MY umbrella is covered in Eiffel Towers!!I also added a few crystals on the Towers and did the same thing with my initals on the bottom rim. I don't think anyone would even consider stealing such a sight (when one has to leave their umbrella at the front door of a store).
    Another thought...look how clean the streets are.

  5. I love this photo. I did a painting once entitled "ChinaTown in the Rain". I was inspired by all the umbrellas and how everyone got close to one another under the umbrellas. Oui, I am a romantic.

  6. Not only raining, but these people look like they're dressed for cool weather too—jeans, long sleeves. The couple on the left are both wearing white sneakers. I thought that was against the law in Paris. :~} Hope you have a lovely, relaxing time in Trouville, Eric, rain or shine.

  7. Nice shot Eric. I would love to walk in the rain in Paris. Enjoy.

  8. I love rain (I grew up in Vancouver)....I feel energised and clean when it rains....last time I was in Paris there was a sudden rain storm and I shelterd in a phone booth when suddenly a nice woman came in to share the space...what could be more romantic ;-)

  9. how adorable to read your beautiful testimonials on Rain in Paris.... I was getting totally and utterly soaked on Sunday; when we - in fact - wished to 'visit' Paris Plages (they are being dismantled next weekend). Of course this was impossible so I only went to the market and got more soaked there. With squeaking moccasins I fled to the car and we spent a quiet afternoon back home....
    Great photo Eric; thank you. I thought first that the guy had a baguette in his hand... :)
    @ALEXA: It IS cold, immediately, when it rains for a longer time - I was wearing a scarf.... (and I smiled with the thought that you all wd consider me a Parisienne - just because I walk about with a scarf around my neck in summer!)

  10. Gosh I always kind of assume you have the same weather as we do, more or less, in UK. Yesterday and today in Glos has been too hot to bear, sunny, sunny, sunny! Today though...cool and damp. Did you send this to me, Eric? :(

  11. This street reminds me of blvd. des Italiens near the Opera. Last year heavy rain cought me there and I HAD to go to a nearby cafe for a creme brulee :)
    Even rain is nice in Paris !

  12. After these rainy days another wave of hotness will come to our lands. I am sure.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  13. Beau chassé croisé :) me fait penser aux autoroutes l'été, ceux qui reviennent et ceux qui partent!
    Most of the time they never meet.
    This couple we can see in the picture look beautiful.
    I'd say it is one of the first time you almost shot faces. I know how careful and discreet you are.
    Have a nice trip.

  14. I'm so glad it is cool and rainy there and warm and sunny here! We've had our share of summers like that, and I have been longing for a hot summer. Right now I'm getting my bones warmed against the snows of winter. Which, as I've mentioned before, can last from December to April, or later. Or earlier. Pfft. Yay for summer and sunshine!

  15. @Carine "I'd say it is one of the first time you almost shot faces." True I hesitated before posting it actually... But I really liked this photo, so I did not resist!

    @Flore "Wish you a sweet night in Normandy... even with the cold and the rain. " Thank you. I'm not here for the weather, so I don't really care ! Thank you for your wishes.

    @Rahul "Is Paris plages still on??" Yes, until next Monday.

    @Ella "This street reminds me of blvd. des Italiens near the Opera. Bravo! Well spotted

    @Lynn. Nice new profile photo (it's new isn't?)

  16. Eric, thank you!
    I am very glad and sort of proud of myself!
    This is my new sport : when watching a film taking place in Paris I immediately analyse : is it familiar ? have I been there ?

  17. Hey Eric, I'm sure you are there for good reasons, unless you want to escape from Paris but I don't think so.
    The weather is going to turn very nice starting from tomorrow. I heard something like that. Welcome to us old good vitamin D !

  18. This summer in New York is so hot. A lot of days in the 90s and high humidity.

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