Sunday, June 16, 2013

Almost summer!

The statue of Henri the IV on the right, typical 18th century buildings on the left... This must be le Pont neuf on the l'île Saint Louis l'île de la Cité! I was there yesterday, the weather was so beautiful I almost went on a cruise on the Seine (the boat departure is on the right, by the statue. If only this weather could last...


  1. What a great shot! I hope the weather holds!

  2. It looks like a beautiful day. We had such good weather when we were there, I didn't realize it was a rarity!

  3. Salut Eric!
    Peut être c'est l'ile de la cite?

    1. LOL Jeff, you're right. I'm so ashmaed! (It was late, I was in rush to go to bed when I posted it, but that is no excuse!. Merci.

  4. I love this photo! The Place Dauphine is my favorite spot in Paris, reminding me of my stay in the "fabled" Hotel Henri IV in 1976 when it cost all of 28 francs a night, still cheap even in those days when you could "do" Paris on $10 a day.

    I also get a kick out of picturing Eric kneeling in the middle of the road on the Pont Neuf to get the shot. The Vert Gallant would be proud!