Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tax evasion...

Like in many countries at the moment, there is a big debate in France about tax evasion... It is said that every year the French government loses about 80 billion euros in unpaid taxes, mostly because of tax havens. Up to a point that several insiders (mostly people who used to work in banks) have decided to disclose key information to the authorities (read more here). Why I am saying all this? Because, by pure coincidence, I happened to have a meeting in front of the Brigade financière (a sort of  French IRS) today and that is where I took this photo! Pretty cool isn't it? (And before you ask, NO, I did not go there because I cheated with my taxes!)


  1. Yes, very cool! I really like how you framed it.

  2. Cool shot! Trust you didn't get your back wet with the rain this morning! Looks like the opened jaws and teeth of the Brigade Financiere! Would be better if it was raining euros when you took the shot!

  3. Hyper sympa, ce photo! :~} And I would never take you for anything but perfectly honest!

    1. I try to Alexa, but when you hear about these evasion stories like we do at the moment, you start thinking you're stupid if you pay your taxes!!

  4. Yes, very kool shot! I like the negative area. (the open sky area.)