Monday, June 24, 2013

Farmers protest!

Life is not easy for a lot of people in France at the moment, due to the economic situation, but it's probably even tougher for our farmers - well some of them - who have to deal with the retail people who are not known for being very giving when it comes to negotiating margins! To let the Parisians know about their situation they organized a protest yesterday which ended at Les Invalides. Lots of talks of course, but also some interesting "live demo" like the shaving of sheep (big success!)! 


  1. Eric, I love your term 'sheep shaving', I had this image in my mind of a sheep all lathered up sitting on a barber's chair and the barber, razor in hand asking "Going anywhere nice on holiday this year sir?"

  2. I admire the French people's spirit.
    & I love this perspective in your photograph.

  3. You do realize, don't you, that by squatting down in the road like that you could get hurt? I love a good Tenin perspective as much as anyone (or maybe more), but be careful for goodness' sake!

    1. It looks impressive Alexa, but they weren't moving!