Thursday, June 13, 2013

Industrial buildings of the past...

I doubt very much that, when Joseph Leclaire conceived this building in 1890 he imagined that in the 2000's his building would be listed among the protected buildings of Paris! And though it is and I can understand why, because it's a real masterpiece. Originally it was a compressed air plant that would power many things in Paris including what I once introduced you to as the Paris Wide Web! They apparently closed it in 1994. now it's an architecture school and a public library. I must visit the inside... 


  1. Please do visit the inside & take lots of pictures! I love the reflections of the blue sky you have captured on this building's glass - they compliment the earthy red colors of the brick so nicely Eric.

  2. It's a beauty—and I was thinking what Lily said. Great colors. (You sure do have a lot of spammers today!)

  3. Sorry people, but I have so much spam, I have to ban Anonymous comments. I hope this won't discourage you.

  4. One of the best industrial building, Thanks for sharing.

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