Saturday, June 22, 2013


It was "la fête de la musique" (music party) yesterday and I spent most of my evening at the Swedish Institute (Institut suédois) in Le Marais. They had a band (not exactly the Abba type LOL!) and... a lot of beer and wine of course. I was with a group of friends, including a very good Swedish friend of mine (not in this photo) who announced she was expecting a baby! So for once here is a not very Paris centric photo, but a rather personal congratulations message, which of course also includes the father who happens to be Taiwanese! I'm really eager to see what their baby is going to look like, and especially its hair color!


  1. Beer in Paris ~ I have a friend who will be glad to know it exists. :) A lovely, cheery scene, Eric, and congratulations to your friends on their pending stork arrival.

  2. I think he's confused Shell. It's not because it was yellow that it was beer. But can't expect him to know the difference when Eric only drinks Coca-Lite.
    A great night though!

  3. I hope you'll show us this bébé when it arrives. Meanwhile, I love this shot!