Saturday, January 07, 2006

Concours Lépine

Louis Lépine was a Préfet de Police (the guy in charge of the Paris Police) around 1893. He created the centralised lost and found service, introduced one way streets but, most of all, he created in 1901 an inventors competition with the intention of stimulating new ideas. This competition still exists. It is called "le Concours Lépine" and takes place every year at La foire de Paris. Now he is honoured with a "place" in the 4th arrondissement where the flower market is located.


  1. This was a perfect post for today Eric. When it gets dark and grey here in the winter, the marché au plants is a good place to go to get some "green" back into the picture. I also never knew that the foire de Paris ("Home Show" in America) had this competition. Again, I learned something new here. Merci!

  2. Yes, thank you so much Eric, you really are our guide, and it is so nice to fake like you are learning us something we do not know !

  3. Oh, il fallait pas, un palmier pour mon anniversaire! C'est trop gentil.. :~)


  4. Great photo and there's something so unique about the Paris street signs. I have a few that are magnets and are attached to my fridge. A "bit of Paris" in my kitchen.

  5. Bonjour,
    Très joli blog, je reviendrai !
    Pouvez-vous dire avec quel appareil vous prenez vos clichés svp et si vous retravaillez les photos ?
    Merci et bonne continuation.

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  7. Tu as dit que la place Lépine est situé près du marché des fleurs...tu parles de celui sur l'ile de la cité près du Métro Cité? Ou tu parles de celui sur les quais du rive droite?

    Merci comme d'hab....tu n'arrêtes jamais de m'enseigner et de me rendre un peu nostalgique maintenant que je suis rentré.