Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A night at the opera

Yesterday evening a friend of mine called me at the very last minute and offered me to take advantage of a spare opera ticket to see - and above all listen to! - Madama Butterfly by Puccini. This opera is on my top 5 list so you can imagine that I did not even think twice before accepting and rushed to the Opera Bastille (the new one) to make it on time. I did, and had a wonderful time. Yes I am lucky! And no I did not cry at the end! And yes the quality of the picture is not very good...


  1. I've never actually been to an opera. Maybe someday.

  2. I am a big fan of the opera. In San Diego we actually have a very good one. Tomorrow I am going to see the Barber or Seville.

    Madame Butterfly was my mother's favorite. So whenever I hear it it has a special meaning for me.

  3. i am so jealous! what a wonderful life to live in Paris...just rush off to see an opera at the Opera Bastille!

  4. Just don't spoil the ending for us! Were the costumes and set done well Eric? It looks kind of empty in the shot, but you captured well the essence of "being there"!

  5. La photo a un air de spontanietee- comme votre soiree. Merci de nous avoir emmener avec vous!

  6. Quel ravissement d'écouter ce matin cet extrait. Merci.
    Les costumes font très "Bob Wilson". Au risque de dire une bêtise, est-ce cela ?

  7. Fred, maybe we'll go together!

    I've never set foot in the new Bastille Opera in Paris either. I left Paris some time before it was built (it was a rather low key area before ) and came back one day and saw that big modern building sitting there instead. Quite a shock!

    I also like this picture a lot because it captures a most magical moment between the audience and the artists. You can almost hear the audience clap their hands and cheer!

  8. > Fred. You have too, it's magic. But it's better if you prepare it a little bit before (listen to it, read the script, bla bla).

    > Bill. The Barber of Seville brings back memory to me. I was once in the choir (well, the troubadours who sing along with Count Almaviva in the beginning and later on a bunch of soldiers) in Nîmes - in the South of France. Good experience although frightening!

    > Laurie. yes I am sure. It's a sad story though...

    > Jacksont. yes, I agree, I was lucky. I do not spend all my evenings at the opera though!!

    > Michael. Well sorry to blow it, but yes, at the end she dies! (But basically that is what happens in 99% of operas!)

    > Anonymous. Merci. Je suis très mécontent de la qualité de la photo mais bon, je n'avais qu'un petit appareil avec moi.

    > Ann. Oui c'est Bob! Bravo. Mise en scène extrêmement dépouillée - même le hara kiri de la fin est symbolisé - Tout est dans les costumes et autres objets du décors.
    L'extrait est issue de ce que j'ai rapidement pu trouver sur le net. pas de très bonne qualité sonore mais c'est quand même très beau cet air...

    > Tomate. You have never been to the Opera either? yes, do team up with Fred and rush to the one in SF. I have never been there but I am sure they have excellent performances.

  9. So very Wilsonian indeed that I first believed this picture was taken at Le Châtelet theatre where they play Siegfried these days. BTW, wouldn't this generous friend of yours be the one with whom I'm going to listen to Wagner's opera next sunday ?…

  10. operas aren't big here in the philippines, but i've read quite a bit about puccini's madama butterfly (and listened, too) and i loveeee!

  11. Considering you didn't have a tripod you did pretty damn well on this one. It's amazing you got anything at all.

  12. Fantastic shot Eric, I love it ! Very clever shot indeed, you are a brilliant photographer ! Oh, I love Paris so much ! You see the world through a fantastic lens and makes my life better everyday.

    This is just the daily highlight of my miserable existence

    God bless you,

    And thank you again.


  13. This is weird....I know that Buzzgirl is real and that this text is one of those spams going around. You might want to check with her to see...

  14. Michael...I really posted that! I just copied and pasted from one of the several other posters of that comment. Not that I don't agree, Eric - I do!

  15. I lived in Paris for about 7 years...I have been enjoying your website for quite awhile now. Your images not only capture Parisian life as I remember it but, capture the essence of what it's like.
    This photo is a bit bittersweet for me. My husband and I (completely fluent in French) would love to move to Paris...The only thing holding us back is the pressure we hear about his employment opportunites there. He is a well establshed classical musician here in the states. So this photo really is an agonizing tease. But, thank you all the same:)

  16. Hi Anne...saw your comment and came across another teasing post on Toulouse's daily photo page:


    You can always dream you know...

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