Monday, September 17, 2007

Brocante at La Bourse

Every weekend in Paris you can attend a Brocante like this one that I photographed on Place de la Bourse, the old stock market building. A Brocante is a sort of market where you can buy "cheap" antiques - well, at least cheaper than in a regular antiques shop. Still you can find good pieces there, like this old phonograph that is probably pretty rare nowadays. Of course, not very handy to play MP3, but much better looking!


  1. I can't help it, the picture makes me want to go shopping!
    The phonograph reminds me of a class I took recently on modern popular music. The professor actually passed around a vinyl record for those students who had never seen one before. Talk about feeling older than that phonograph!

  2. How does one go about finding different Flee Markets in Paris. Is there a Site that gives information on times and locations.

  3. Pariscope and Zurburan are 2 publications that publish weekly events including flea markets. If you have access to it, so does Figaroscope(I think it is called Figaroscope... on Wednesdays).

  4. This old victrola may produce better quality sound than MP3!

  5. Hey, folks, vinyl is hip. I recently read a column by an audiophile who wrote that all his new music purchases are on vinyl. Why? Because it sounds so much better than anything else. My turntable sylus was damaged in my move several years ago and I finally got it replaced. There is nothing like the sound of Miles Davis, the Modern Jazz Quartet, or Billy Holiday on vinyl. They haven't figured out anything better. I think the same thing is true about us, PHX-CDG: don't be so humble!!

  6. Just got caught up on the weekend posts. Both are great, Eric!!! Sorry I missed Sab's visit. I still want to know if Kitty made it back to Shakespeare & Company. Closure, you understand? :)

    This post today could have easily been called, "SACREES TROUVAILLES". I love our versions of "les brocantes" here in the states. They are always a nice stroll down memory lane. Bien sur, et heureusement, not ALL of it down my own memory lane. :)

    Bon debut de semaine a vous tous. Can you hear the music, "It's a beautiful day. Don't let it get away..."

  7. Hey Jeff! I'm with you on that one buddy. Jazz on vinyl...c'est magnifique! I only wish that I still had my "Blue Train" album that warped in the Texas heat years ago (Yes, I was a rather stupid college student at the time who left some vinyl in his car one hot day...ouch!) I've since replaced but oh, the memories!

  8. Oh! I didn't know about that - interesting! I'll have to check it out. The black and white treatment seems suitable.

    There are so many photographable things in Paris at the moment, it's impossible to get to them all. You know there's supposed to be some big yacht somewhere in Paris with sails and everything? Well, for another day!

  9. Wheeling and dealing right across La Bourse? hey, seems appropriate to me! :)

  10. Hey Eric,
    Thanks for sharing. i try to hit all the fleamarkets but can't seem to catch them all, they happen everyday! i get Aladin to find them but thanks fot the info on Pariscope. you can see my fleamarket finds at my blog,
    ps i'm staying near TSE and LOVE it! cool blog you've got!

  11. Oohh one of the most beautiful picture you made (to my mind!)...
    Thx Eric.

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