Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paris, the city of love!

Paris, the city of love? Well, isn't that obvious, when you see these two "tourtereaux" (turtledoves) that I photographed in front of Rosa Bonheur? "Rosa" is a former Guinguette located in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont and it is currently one of the most successful bars/restaurants in Paris. At night (not everyday, you need to check on their site first) the terrace is overcrowded and you'll be lucky if you can grab something to drink. But isn't that all the fun? I guess, for I only experienced it off peak hours!


  1. Young love. *sigh*

    I find myself lowering my head along with theirs. They pulled me right in.

  2. Nice photo! But shouldn't your post be titled "La Vie En Rose"? ;-)

  3. I'd like to think that she is admiring the engagement ring he gave her last night, and he's admiring the hand that wears it.

  4. How dear, those two heads together. A very tender capture, Eric.

  5. The photo is oh so sweet,Eric!

    You always have an eye for the tourtereaux. I hope they get to see the photo you took of them.

    Of course, you have the eye 'cause you're oh so sweet!

  6. I like Suzy's interpretation—but I think they're either reading a text message or reviewing the photos they just took in the park. Either way, this is a great shot, Eric—you make a good voyeur!

  7. Eric,
    Your pictures sums up my romantic view of Paris. For young or old love makes lasting lovers in the city of light.

  8. Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. This used to be, and still is my vision of love.


  9. I thought that I was the only cynical one out there. "Menu", "text messages", "photo"...well that one's close. They are probably just looking at PDP on their iPhone!

  10. Mmmm. I'll have the Tzaztiki and the Chorizo, please. 8^)

    Oh, and yes, they are very cute.

  11. Interesting title. ;-)

    I noticed you were able to incorporate Tapas in the photo. lol.

  12. Oh la la...such a sweet photo of a beautiful couple.
    I only wish I was at the next table.

  13. Tapas and sangría... Rosa took Spain to Paris!!

  14. Michael, if you want cynical, how about:

    "Did you get his wallet?"
    "Yeah, like taking candy from a baby. He was so busy taking photos, he didn't feel a thing."
    "I'm starving, how much is in it?"
    "OK, lets see, 4euros 99cents."

  15. Aww... love love these quaint places with outdoor seating... and Paris is filled with them!

  16. Sorry I went back a few but I really enjoyed the post about Sirops Monin.

    As for enjoying "in" places with the crowds - no thanks, not my cup of tea. I'll do like your two lovers and come at off peak times.

  17. IMO, they are just looking at a French calendar and are noticing that today is Saint Eric!! And they have told me; )

    So let me say 'Bonne fête' to you Eric, even if I assume you don't care a lot about this Day. That's yours!

    BTW, this is another beautiful photo of yours. Maybe it is the greenboard and the chalk writing!... Or the Tapas menu :)

  18. I got some great photos, honey.

    My feet are soo tired and I'm so hungry. Where's the waiter?

    He'll come. Look, look, it's that canal thing, and the Irish pub.

    Oh, you just liked the waitress. Pfft.

    It reminded me of Dublin.

    I'm hungry. Where's the waiter?

    Drink your beer. It's really good.

    How come you don't have any pictures of me?

    I always know what you look like. I never forget.

    Ohh, that's sweet.

  19. @Linda. La vie en rose... Yes, of course!

    @Carrie "Of course, you have the eye 'cause you're oh so sweet!" LOL ;-)

    @Alexa "Eric—you make a good voyeur!" LOL

    @Michael "They are probably just looking at PDP on their iPhone!" Yeah you're right. That's what's the most likely ;-))

    @Drummond LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Now I understand why I cannot find my wallet!

    @Flore "So let me say 'Bonne fête' to you Eric, even if I assume you don't care a lot about this Day. That's yours! " How sweet. Actually Saint Eric was Swedish and I thought of taking a photo of something Swedish in Paris yesterday. But I could not find any (besides H & M!)

    I'm touched that you thought of it. After all, I don't think anyone celebrated my "fête" since I was 5 or 6 LOL

    Merci Marlee too ;)

    @Jeff. I think I know the waitress you're talking about ;-)

  20. At first I thought you were going to talk about another "rose" restaurant, DA ROSA, located at
    62, rue de Seine, in the 6th.
    It´s got tapas too, great wine and, oh my, it´s right in the heart of the 6th so what else could you want???!!!

    I soooo miss Paris!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. About the picnic, 'sigh'.....

    Can´t be there. Will be there in thought, as usual, and maybe through a phone call like last year!!!

    Guille you have to go!!

    Suzy, you say you won´t go but..... we all know what kind of susprise you can prepare...!

  22. I'm going with the hopeless romantics on this one. Ain't love grand, especially in Paris!

  23. LOL Drummond! Do you really think they found that much? I hear he doesn't carry around too much cash!

    Bonne fête Eric! Had I known...

  24. No, Monica, for sure I won't be going. Maybe I'll get one of those phone calls? We shall see.

  25. This is adorable, Eric. Perfect for the city of love - bravo.

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