Sunday, December 08, 2013

2014 PDP calendars

Time to reconnect with an old - and lost... - tradition: the PDP calendars! Well, thanks to the hard work of Michael two PDP calendars are just hot off the press as of yesterday evening. You can have a preview directly on the Zazzle site of course: One is dedicated to the Eiffel Tower only and the other one features a wider range of Paris photos. Up to you to choose if you wish to. Enough self promotion  for now ;-)


  1. Wow! I love them both. But (and I never thought I would say this), J'aime vraiment la Tour Eiffel, especially the last photo, which is a winner. But it has only US holidays? What about French holidays? I know a few like Toussaint and St Sylvestre. But there must be TONS more, since you get so much more time off than we do. Oh well, you'll just have to keep us posted on when the holidays turn up. It seems there is a this-weekend-only sale on them, too.

  2. Really good !! And beautiful pictures !
    What a job to do this ! And what a great one!
    I 'd like to get all of them :)
    I'll have to make a decision though (and it won't be that hard because I am a lover of all your photos so I know I won't be disappointed).

    1. Oh that's nice Alex. If I get the time to make a b&w one I will, but time is getting short....

  3. Thank you everyone, and thank you for thanking Michael.

  4. May I say I prefer the ET calendar ? But both are great ;-) anyway !
    Muchas gracias ....

  5. La Tour Eiffel is mine! Somehow, Eric, your photos of it are never cliché.