Friday, December 20, 2013

The ice rink opens today!

After almost 9 years of daily posting in Paris, I realize how the same events come back every year and how we take for granted things that once were very innovative... Take the ice rink in front of the Paris town hall that I showed you many times. When they installed it for the first time in 1997 it was a real big deal, but now we're so used to it, it's part of the winter scenery! Anyway it opens today (Friday) and it's still very nice to skate (for free!) in front of the Hotel de ville with Notre Dame in the background (yes you can see it in this photo!)   


  1. That's a lovely shot -- such a deep blue sky. And the sun at that angle. Happy skating!

  2. A lovely rink, and just the right time of day to capture it.

  3. Walking, biking, ice skating...It's all wonderful in Paris.

  4. It really is a nice rink. They even have a Zamboni type machine to resurface it. A lot of temporary outdoor rinks don't. I love to skate outdoors.

    1. Only you would know about the machine that resurface it Stuart!!