Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cartier building

I don't know if you remember my post from last year (Cartier without Bresson), well they did it again this year! Only this time you get to see a broader view (but do visit the previous post to as you might want to see the little film they made for their 165th anniversary again). BTW there seems to be a special 50% off promotion on Zazzle today with code 50OFFPRODUCT, if you're interested in purchasing a ParisDailyPhoto calendar (either this one, or this one or even the brand new black and white one), it may be the day!


  1. What a beautiful building with the two panthers and the light.
    I love your joke Jeff Smyser "Oooh! So, if I buy a PDP calendar on Zazzle I get 50% off at Cartier?" Excellent !!!
    I have to rush ! <3

  2. Gorgeously festive! I also love the building on the right site, with the simple white light curtains covering the lower facade.

    Cartier's boutique here in Vienna is housed in a unique building, but the Christmas decorations are more, if I may say so, subdued Viennese style.

  3. SO glad I got to see this when I was there (on our last night in Paris). Your photo shows it perfectly!

  4. I did check out last year's post and watch "the little film". Absolutely stunning!

  5. Your photo of the Cartier building is spectacular, as is the video from last year's post, which I didn't see last year.