Monday, December 23, 2013

Giant Metro Map

I came across this building in the 13th arrondissement by sheer coincidence, after a business meeting. I was intrigued by the metro signs (the big M, the Maison Blanche board...) and the various white lines on the facade. Then I understood... This is no less than giant local metro map! What a clever idea. 


  1. Wau that is fantastic.. what a brilliant and creative idear... Bon Noèl Eric, Merci for your everyday PDP.. LOL ...K

  2. I second the above comments. Fantastic fun idea! Wonder how they came up with the idea and what reaction of the client at the original presentation.
    Nice angle you shot it at also.
    Is this in the western area of Paris where all the newer taller office buildings are?

    A hope for joy at the holiday season for all!

  3. It may be clever but it can't hide the fact that this is a really ugly building. ;-(

  4. Actually, I think they hid the fact that it's a really ugly building pretty well. :~}
    (You do find the coolest stuff, Eric!)

  5. Drummond , you would not like to see this on a real old building.. would you?? it would not match... that's why the map stands out... becourse the building @ self would be quiet boring...