Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grand Palais, the really great palace!

Le Grand Palais, a magnificent building located off the Champs Elysées that was built for the Universal Exposition of 1900 (and renovated between 1993 and 2007) is currently sheltering a huge amusement park for the Christmas period (until January 5th). I love this building, especially its inside staircases that I photographed here from above. Have a great pre Christmas Sunday last minute shopping if you celebrate it! 


  1. vertigo... what vertigo? great photo! Season's Greetings to you, and many thanks for the daily photos and comments that you graciously provide! ..Annette

  2. Now there's an angle. I love this building. I go to exhibitions there just to see the building itself.

  3. I agree with Annette, it's vertiginous! And quite beautiful.

  4. Quelle photo ! Basshung en fond sonore.
    Noël approche. Les enfants doivent être très sages pour que le Père Noël passe....
    Derniers bons achats à ceux qui en connaissent (des enfants ... sages) !
    Like me !

  5. Beautiful, and taken from a different angle. Nicely done, Eric!

  6. Been so busy with Christmas preparations (not to mention work!) that I've been neglecting PDP.
    So I'm playing catch-up—you've had some great shots lately (especially loved the Pont de Bercy).
    Today's shot made me a bit dizzy though. :~}