Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Almost healed...

Thanks a million for all your get well messages (and grog recipes!!). I don't have the strength to reply to each of you individually, but I'm sure your nice word  played a large part in my - coming soon - recovery. The only attempt I made to go outside today was to reach my mailbox (which was empty!), so needless to say I did not take a photo today either. There is this one I've been willing to use for some time, though. I took it at Trocadero during one of the snow episodes last December. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be able to go out. One thing is sure, I must not be the only one in bed at the moment in Northern France. See the red parts in this map...


  1. That map is the best - a Flu Forecast! It sounds like you're on the mend. Glad to hear it. Hang in there!

  2. Great to hear that you are feeling better again Eric.

  3. a lot happens in just a few days! glad you are feeling better Eric.
    This is a great photo for a sick day too.

  4. Glad to hear that you're moins grippé and on the mend! Do people not get flu shots in France? (We get them for free at the office—the company wants to make sure we can keep on working hard for them.)

  5. Good news, but don't push too hard once you start feeling yourself again. A great shot, by the way.

  6. An epidemic? I hope not.

    I like this photo, Eric. Are these people tourists? Even on a cold, rainy day? So many people!

  7. Eric, you captured a cold weather day!

    I am so pleased to hear that you are healing. If it's the flu, my recommendation is a homeopathic product with a crazy name: Oscillococcinum. Do you have that in France?

    In any case, please keep taking good care of yourself, Eric. We understand how it is to feel under the weather. (I've coughed my head off today, so I am super sympathetic!) Stay in as long as you need to do so. Your archives really are more than fine. The first most important thing is to take care of yourself, and perhaps the second most important thing is just to post a line (with or without a photo, if need be!) to let us know that you are okay. We treasure you!

  8. do not give yourself to the Grippe it's just a lame virus.

  9. I hope you wake refreshed and feeling stronger and more yourself.
    I wonder what the man in your shot is thinking, looking at all the people in the cold and wet snow.
    Take care dear Eric!

  10. Glad you're feeling a bit better, Eric, and hope that the recovery continues to be swift. Interesting photo. Why is that man there? Is he alone? Is he there to tryst with the past? Or is he posing for a picture for someone else? So many questions. :)

  11. Good to know you are "on the mend", as we say. Apparently "la Grippe" has hit in the South as well. Received word from our friends in Aix that they have all been sick with it also!
    Espoir vous êtes tous meilleur très bientôt!

  12. All the best wishes for a soon recovery !

  13. I have been following your blog for a while love it...The feeling of seen what is happening in another part of the world intrigue me...I hope you get better soon.
    Looking forward to your daily selection for 2011.

  14. @Carrie. Actually between yesterday and right now there seems to be a lot more red areas! Pretty soon the whole country will be red.

    @Steffe. Thanks

    @Lily I know, a lot!

    @Alexa " Do people not get flu shots in France?" Yes, but vaccines are always controversial. So a lot of people don't get a shot - or are just too lazy to to it, like me!)

    @Brattcat. Thanks. Actually I like this photo, and in the end I'm happy I got to use it ;-)

    @Petrea "Are these people tourists?" Yes they are. On the Trocadero platform it's always always packed

    @Parisian heart "Oscillococcinum. Do you have that in France?" Oh yes we do. If I recall well it's made by a French lab. In my case it's too late now ;-( but thanks for the advice - and your very nice words ;-)

    @Arc de triomphe hotels "do not give yourself to the Grippe it's just a lame virus" LOOOOOOL!

    @Kim & Christie "I wonder what the man in your shot is thinking," Funny that is exactly why I like this photo.

    @Nancy. " Apparently "la Grippe" has hit in the South as well." Yes everywhere. The positive point is that now I'm safe for all winter!

    @Bettine. Merci.

    @Culturafemenina. Well thank you, it's a nice comment and I'm always happy to greet newbies ;-)

  15. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

  16. Indeed the map is so good, thanks for the recommendations.