Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A tribute to the land down under

The Seine is overflowing at the moment (there are benches near the trees normally), like I already told you before Christmas, but compared to the terrible images I saw today about Australia and the region of Brisbane in particular (see this video) it's really nothing. I exchanged emails with people who have family over there today and they really seemed devastated, so since I have a fair amount of visitors from "the land down under" I thought I pay my tribute to them by posting this photo.


  1. Suzh a lovely and heartfelt tribute to the Aussies, Eric. Well done.

  2. Wow. Is this normal this time of year? This kind of high water happens during the spring thaw here.

  3. Although the weather has improved today the threat of flooding has become greater. It seems many parts of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, will be inundated with floodwater today and tomorrow. There is a continuous live broadcast informing all Australians of the devastation occuring as I write. Our hearts are breaking as such destruction is occuring after such a long drought.

    I think Dorethea Mackellar, who wrote 'My Country' was onto something in 1908

    I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains
    Of ragged mountain ranges
    ...Of droughts and flooding rains.
    I love her far horizons
    I love her jewel-sea,
    Her beauty and her terror --
    The wide brown land for me!

    We see the cattle die...
    And then the grey clouds gather
    And we can bless again,
    The drumming of an army,
    The steady, soaking rain.

  4. I just watched the video. OMG!

  5. Thank you Eric, if I wasn't a massive fan of yours before I am now. Brisbane is bracing for worse to come unfortuantely, 75% of Queensland has been declared a natural disaster area. If anyone would like to donate to the flood relief appeal you can go to the Queensland governments site direct:

    Bless your cottons Eric!

  6. I can't bring myself to watch that video! Scary photo of the Seine and even worse situation in Australia. I hope our dear Shell knows we are thinking of her and her country during this extraordinarily difficult time.

    Thank you for this tribute, Eric. So far 2011 hasn't been quite as I'd hoped.

  7. Le Vert Galant[my namesake]under water?? Where is the water line on Le Zouave?? Mon Dieu!!

  8. I am worried for my friends in Queensland. I know right now they're busy coping. As Camomile says, to have such floods after a long drought seems heard to bear.

  9. The video is frightening -- so much water so fast. I join with others in my concern for everyone there.

  10. Thank you, dear Eric and everyone for your kind thoughts. All the best to you, Maz ~ stay safe, wherever you are.

    It is pretty devastating. My family and I are all ok, thank heavens. It's likely to worsen and peak in a little over 48 hours, so we'll pray everyone stays calm and safe, listens to the reports and evacuates if there's any doubt whatsoever. My heart goes out to all Queenslanders suffering through this hardship, not to mention all creatures great and small, and together we'll help each other through it.

  11. Just to put the Queensland problems into some sort of perspective, the area that has been inundated is greater than that of France and Germany combined ...

    ... and the worst hasn't yet happend.

    Thanks Eric, from a Canberra regular.

  12. This is just so hard to imagine after being over there a couple of years ago and feeling the squelching heat. Friends from Adelaide said, "They're tough people over there", so I hope they are right. Thanks for the donation site Maz.

    And Eric, any chance we in Paris should be seeking higher ground?

  13. Thank you Eric. My heart is with my family and friends in Queensland right now.

  14. The same (flood) was in Poland in 2010 the same was in Germany. Be careful!

  15. Thanks Eric for bringing this to the attention of your wonderful readers.
    Yes, we are strong and resilient, realistic and practical.
    The deaths are tragic for those with little warning and no escape.
    For those who are now homeless and staying and in shelters, our prayers are with them.
    Brisbane and in particular our darling Shell are suffering terribly and things will get worse.
    Fortunately my family in Toowoomba are safe and well although they remain in shock over the events of the past few days.
    Countries all over the world have offered assistance, the EU, USA, China, Japan. New Zealand has already provided emergency services personnel.
    The Military are providing to our people similar help that they gave to Indonesia after the tsunami and will get on with the business of cleaning up once the peak has passed. For the moment, we are waiting, watching.
    Australians have donated millions of dollars although the reconstruction is estimated to be in the billions.
    For those who have sent well wishes, thank you.

  16. Mme Benaut, anybody who lives in a city called Toowoomba must be resilient! ;-)

  17. Your photo is impressive Eric for Paris area but what to say about the video you've post?
    I really feel sorry for the Queensland inhabitants who are living such a disaster. Terrible images indeed.
    Thank you for posting this tribute and all my thoughts.


  18. Thanks for the link Eric.
    As you can imagine my heart is with the people of Queensland going through this ordeal.

    Australia is known to be a tough land and like Camomile I always think of Dorothea Mackellar's poem when I hear about the natural disasters that regularly strike the country.

  19. Thank you, Eric for the reminder to not be so concerned with our own problems that we ignore the problems somewhere else, even if it is half a world away. Stay safe and our prayers are with you Aussies.

  20. Eric; I've got a new computer, powerful enough to stand all your videos, 'pub' etc... and I am glad.
    I am sad however to find this very unusual picture and your tribute to our friends and the people in Australia as my first view.... BUT I totally agree with you, I very often say the same thing: My personal burdens are very light and simply non existent in comparison to what happens to our friends all over the world.
    It's a very impressive photo and we are concerned for our friends 'down under'. Thank you for this reminder!

  21. What a sweet thought, Eric. And this is a very interesting photo from Paris, but of course it makes us think about the poor people in Australia - all the best of luck to you all in this terrible time.
    I can't even start to imagine to be in the midst of it.

  22. The scene at the end of the video reminded me of the way Parisians park :o)

  23. It is a terrible thing in Australia at the moment. I really feel for them!

  24. Thanks for your touching words, I'm sure our Aussie friends will appreciate (and thanks to the Australians who testified too, I suppose that even if you don't live in the area, you heart must be with the people in Queensland).

    @Michael "And Eric, any chance we in Paris should be seeking higher ground?" LOL! Nope, nothing to worry in Paris - well so far... Besides you live on the second floor so if water reaches you, it means things are going really bad!

    @Dan "The scene at the end of the video reminded me of the way Parisians park :o)". LOOOOL! Quite true actually ;-)