Sunday, February 26, 2012

The largest French farm...

Like every year, my favorite trade show returns! It's called Le Salon de l'agriculture and it just opened today. People call it "the largest farm in the world" for its spreads out on 150 000 sq meters (1 614 586 sq feet) and shelters no less than 4,000 farm animals ! Since this year is an election year, all candidates will visit it as  farmers' votes are very important - even though they only accounts for 3.6% of the active population nowadays. The guys in this photo are obviously from England. After all, it's also an International show!


  1. Even tho I have enjoyed your pictures from past trade shows, I thought it was a guy thing ,to go to this Fair.

    Then, a female flight attendant told me absolutely not to miss it. It was her favorite thing ,too, and added that about 1/3 of the Fair contain a number of people selling food from around France. Count me in Monday !

  2. Heard this was coming a week or so ago and immediately thought of you, Eric—because I know you just love it. I like this year's photo (though I admit I was hoping for cute little pink porcelets).

  3. Regarding Alexa's comment, did you come across Marine LePen?

  4. Just in case somebody asks : "Limousine", in this case, is not a big car for stars! It's a breed of cows, giving tasteful meat !!!

  5. I confirm Thib, but I need to try it often just to be sure!

  6. LOL Michael! And if you want to try it, don't go to the big M "restaurant" which is in the background...

  7. LOL Thib. No, my local "limousine" is:

    Au Limousin
    6 Rue Greffulhe,
    92300 Levallois-Perret
    01 47 58 51 65

    I'll take you there one day.

    The other good one I know is a bit far, but very good too:

    Le Limousin
    1 Rue de Satory
    78000 Versailles
    01 39 50 21 50

  8. Baaahh, there's a hint! I wasn't even aware of this event - thanks Eric! ~ Sab

  9. Hope you have a splendid time this year, Eric! (And have a little "limousine" for me!! Yum!)