Friday, February 24, 2012


Yes, I spoiled myself today! No, I shouldn't have! But sometimes you just feel like giving up you good resolutions ;-) Besides, it was an exceptional moment ; I was meeting a good friend of mine at Café de la Paix, a very chic café at the opera... The cake in the background is called a mille-feuille (thousand sheets) and it's to die for when it's well made (this one was, believe me!), for it is very hard to make - look up on Wikipedia. What about my diet? Well, I'll start Monday!


  1. You're killing me. Both the photo and the food are delicious looking!

    I just finished off a meringue, here in NY, that I bought in Paris. It was less fattening than your dessert, and less satisfying. I also found a half eaten macaron (Laduree) from Saturday in my tote bag. It is scary what I find in that tote bag sometimes. For anyone who is puzzled, I am a flight attendant, and not a rich whatever..... and whose company is going thru bankruptcy. I do eat well, tho!!

  2. It looks pretty good,
    So I think you should.
    A bit of fun
    Will hurt no one.
    But I won't try
    to pronounce millefeuille.

  3. Ooooh I think that's a little Fiat 500 in the background! J'adore.

  4. I don,t think it hooey
    Or even phooey
    to try to rhyme feuille.
    Why, I can't pronounce it either.

  5. heck with the diet. It looks divine!

  6. Love the photo, love millefeuille! This photo really brings instant memories of great cafes!

    The cafes have a great ploy,
    when they tempt us with millefeuille. (I tried Jeff!)

  7. Confession: I had Taramisu. Eric, you are not alone. Diet? what diet? I was talking to a friend of mine in Paris on the phone today. He told me that I have a good figure and he asked me if I did a sport. Hahaha - no way, not me. But, he is from an Italian/French family and there are many in France. Italian men don't like skinny girls.

    BTW, it's a great "food photo". Perfect for hanging in the kitchen, because, even the kitchen needs good artwork on the walls.

  8. Oh yeah, that's what mondays are for ;o)
    And what a tempting and yummy photo.

  9. Here in Canada they're called gâteaux Napoléon - which is both easier to pronounce and probably easier to rhyme with. E.g. 'marceau de l'odéon'....or something

  10. That looks lovely! (but does it have chocolate?) Our downtown had a "Chocoholic Frolic" yesterday that was scrumptious! Basically, you walk around and have a treat at 20 different places to get more people downtown. I made it to 19 yesterday afternoon, but I think I only had something at about 5 or 6; one-bite yumminess!

  11. After a rough week...six days of agony, I stopped at a wonderful bakery on my way home and also chose a "mille-feuille"...but with caramel!! Miammmm...délicieuse! Café de la Paix at the InterContinental Le Grand...was a huge American Expat hang out during and after the War...lovely setting mais très cher! Lucky you!! ;)

  12. Eric, what an eye you have for composition! The little red car is the perfect finishing touch:)

  13. Monday sounds like the perfect first day for a diet! :-)
    I hope you find Sunday's meals equally enjoyable and savour every last bite of it.