Saturday, February 04, 2012

Petit déjeuner (Breakfast)

I would not recommend to anyone having breakfast outside at the moment (far too cold!) and though, I promise, I took this photo yesterday at rue Cler! In fact, it's just "advertising" that the Café Central invented to get the people to go inside, of course... In France we mostly eat sweet stuff in for Le petit déjeuner ("small breakfast") that is croissants, pains au chocolat, jam and baguette... and very rarely ham, cheese or sausage like they do in Northern Europe.


  1. Peek-a-boo I see you!! I love finding you in the photos.

  2. This one made me catch my breath and wipe a quickly-brought tear! So inviting, and so Paris - it was just like I happened upon it as I turned the corner!

    Thank you for that, Eric!

  3. After you took the shot Eric, did you drink the orange juice and run off?
    or, as we might say in the UK, did you neck it and leg it?

    So the new specs are working well Suzy?
    I'm taking my new specs back, the lady in the shop told me they made me look much younger, but when I tried them on for the first time this morning and looked in the mirror I looked much older.

  4. Lol Drummond.
    New specs, new Sir. But how about the friends you look at now?! I guess it may depend on them, wearing or not new specs too :) I don't, yet but sooner or later, I'll do (who won't?). Mature is cool :)
    (Remember, Stupid is cool?!).

  5. Very stylish ...very that your
    "le petit dejeuner" on the table outside???

    Merci, Eric, for the nice it...


  6. if only those tables for two could talk..the stories we would hear.

  7. Um...I do love breakfast. A leisurely meal with a pot of good tea, a muffin and jam, and yumminess! (But sitting outside in the cold, um, nope!) Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Those look like new chairs.

    @E.T. Suzy, Drummond, Bérénice, you guys are funny. LOL

    Those big breakfasts I call farmers' breakfasts, because, they are so big you could work all day without having to stop to eat. I was served a huge breakfast every morning in London -- they were clearly not farmers though. So, I don't know what that was all about. But it was a tasty breakfast. In Paris, I always have a cozy breakfast, coffee and pastry, at home, never in a cafe.

    In San Francisco, my usual breakfast is a cup of Starbucks coffee and a biscotti dipped in chocolate.

  9. Tut ... tut ... those North Europeans!!

  10. I adore your photos. Thank you so much for sharing our beloved Paris.

  11. Or as bagel with cream cheese, like here in NYC.
    It may be really cold there, but this still looks very inviting!

  12. I would still love to be sitting at one of those tables, however cold.

  13. Lovely photo...and the rue Cler is a great place, but I agree...I don't remember any Parisians ever drinking Jus d'Orange in the morning!! ;)