Monday, July 23, 2007

Paris Plage 2007

OK, no big toe like last year, no general view like in 2005, my "official" Paris Plage photo for this year will be this one. They installed jets to spray refreshing water on some parts of the river bank and, as you would imagine, kids just love it (This one was actually scolded by his - Italian - parents right after I took this photo)! For those of you who still don't know what Paris Plage is, well, it's a one month period during which they turn the embankment (and this year other places) into a giant beach, with real sand and palm trees and many activities. Usually a big success. I'll show you more...


  1. Eric..this is an amazing photo!! I think I would like to have it in a frame in my apartment, absolutely terrific!

    I'm sooooo sick with allergies and feeling nostalgie for it is especially moving! Merci!

    Perhaps this is why I am so Sick!...Mon Dieu!!!

  2. Too bad a child was scolded for behaving like a kid! Water and sprinklers and fountains are irrestible at any age--good photo!

  3. Looks like it's a whole hepa of fun Eric.

    I'm showing my best ever picture of Marsden Rock tomorrow.

    South Shields Daily Photo

  4. Oh how wonderful! Personally I always let Owen run around in any fun water source when the temperature's running high. Like Kate said, it's resistable for kids of all ages and it helps keep him cool!

  5. Terrific venue for the kids. Great photo for cooling off. It is hot here in Kentucky. Don't forget that my blogspace is up and running once more. Johnnysarc Check it out. quick and and a few words from the wise one.

  6. "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain...." I'm with Tonton on this--it is an "amazing" photo. Childhood is to be cherished. Wish I could be there to jump in a puddle or une petite sand dune! :-)

  7. Great, original shot and I'm really envious of that kid right now! :) Parents will be parents...

  8. Wonderful picture Eric! It really captures a moment that seems to be frozen in time... well, this moment will probably be in this kid's mind forever!

    I am very curious to see the Paris Plage, it is so hard for me to picture an artificial beach! I wonder where people cool off from sunbathing on the sand?!

  9. Wonderful photo. Reminds me of the movie "Singing in The Rain".

  10. One of your best Eric. Looking forward to seeing the others. Although, I can imagine Lynn and others in the UK have seen enough water falling from the skies for them to fully appreciate this shot.

  11. Wonderful capture of the mood of the moment, and the b/w adds a timeless quality.

  12. Lovely shot, as everyday !

    ...But is it really a sprinkler ? Or just pouring rain ?
    Considering today's weather in Paris, I don't think Paris Plage is the best place to be...

  13. Singing in the rain, of course!

    But I thought Paris was getting flooded, just like Cheltenham. All, spare a thought for Lynn! She's getting ready to get airlifted if things get worse and the water keeps rising....

  14. Yeah, I knew you'd like it - I like myself I must say... (OK, that is not very modest!)

    Allergies tonton ?! in July?! Weird, isn't? To what are you allergic?

    Lynn, glad to see you haven't' drowned yet?!

    Kate, I agree, I think the parents where really too hard on him.

    Curly, I mustn't miss your pic tomorrow then. Don't forget to remind us all.

    Soosha, I could not agree more. If you don't do this at his age then when are you gonna have fun?!

    Just check your Blog Johnny. I can't believe you know about this bus accident with the Polish pilgrims!

    Coltrane. LOL. Call Scotty he'll beam you up...

    Aigars. Thanks ;)

    Tomate. So you're not disappointed I did not take a body part this year LOL?

    Monica, soon you'll see. Don't expect too much though, it's Pairs and it's all artificial. We have other specialties than beaches...

    Maria k. Well, thank you...

    Micheal. Thank you ;) You're right about the Brits. They're not very friends with water at the moment I hear...

    R&R. Thank you.

    Pinto. Thank you also ;)

    Thib. And thank you too ;) ;) It's really a Sprinkler. I agree, today, it would be totally useless LOL.

    Nathalie. Did you get my email BTW (the one I sent in reply to the one you sent me ages ago!!!)
    I bet Lynn would LOVE to get airlifted (ce qui pourrait se traduire par "Je suis sûr que Lynn adorerait s'envoyer en l'air, mais bon... LOL")

  15. Bon lundi, Eric.
    Beaucoup de charme dans cette image!!!
    Truly a perfect childhood moment captured perfectly.

  16. lol no i'm quite the moment! Airlifted? Well. Bit of a dychotomy there; you see, i'd be scared out of my life but, and it's a big BUT... those burly lifesaving rescue-type men!!! Gosh.. need i say more, girls? ... sigh... guess i'd just have to relax and let them do what they do... ;) LOL

  17. J'aime the very idea of the Paris Plage. Looking closely, I see the barge mooring ring in the wall. I can't imagine what it looks like with sand along all the quais. Marvelous. I hope you'll show us more photos.

    Monica gets to see it, though.

  18. Ok, I checked the 2005 photos, and they give a great view of that spot, which I can't identify exactly. (I'm so ashamed.)

    But I seek seeing sand on the Seine, s'il vous plait!

  19. Eric...Well, like the rest of the world we in SF are having strange summer weather as well. It is unseasonably warm[it is usually cold in July in SF]and humid causing all the trees and grasses to pollinate with full force! At night it is damp and cold and foggy and the wind blows like a gale, scattering all the pollens and blowing them right into your apartment, home, etc. I am highly allergic to trees and grasses and they have all gone wild!!

    I saw that dreadful incident about the Polish pilgrims near Grenoble as well. It was on the BBC and in LeParisien; also on TV5 Monde. Absolutely tragic!

    I was thinking about that little boy in the water again...perhaps his mother wanted to take him somewhere later[shopping for school clothes??]and she didn't want him wet. Sometimes childhood rebellion or sans souci is to be admired and cherished!! C'est la vie?!!

  20. This really is an excellent photo Eric and the black and white gives it particular poignance. I think this little fellow is quite charming.

  21. Disappointed, Eric? Nah... on peut pas "prendre son pied" tous les ans! Na!

  22. Beautiful photo. Wish I was that child walking thru the water spray.

  23. This is an amazing photo - and it's perfect in black & white.
    Thanks for your message @ Madison Daily Photo!

  24. Superbe photo...
    Amusant, j'ai pris quasiment la même !