Monday, January 19, 2009

Musée Maillol, again!

You must think I spend my time in the Maillol museum for I already posted many photos of the place. The thing is that they often have interesting exhibitions, so on top of the usual Maillol sculptures I'm never tired of seeing, I also enjoy their temporary stuff. At the moment, they have a Russian paintings exhibit called l'Avant-garde Russe (that is paintings from the beginning of the 20th century). It's a difficult one; you need to "study" a bit to enjoy it thoroughly, but it's worth it ;). And it allowed me to take a cool photo, so...


  1. Sometimes the most satisfying art is that which challenges more. I like this corridor with the small works. Were there larger pieces?

  2. Oh I wish I was there to see this exhibit. It sounds like something I would enjoy. The last time I was in Paris, I went to this museum to see an exhibit of Marilyn Monroe photos. I loved the entire museum.

  3. Encore une photo du Musée Maillol, je ne vais pas m'en plaindre, c'est un musée admirable, l'un des plus varié au niveau des expositions qui y sont montrées.

    You should have hire me as a guide Eric, that's one of the movements I like the most (after the German paintings of the 20's). But a book is probably enough, and less talkative. :)

    Your photo is a little bit scary (like an old haunted castle with the ancestors portraits), but I like it.

  4. That brings me back such a lovely memory... I went there quite recently, at the end of a day I was off.

    And to tell the truth I was hoping to meet there by any chance someone I told about this museum ! You know how we can be stupid sometimes, when ... Though, I admit that would have been a very nice moment if the hasard had made it be possible...

    I enjoyed a lot sculptures (I was moved to tears in front of one in particular), paintings and even the temporary exhibits (l'Avant-garde russe is a difficult one LOOOL!!!). Did you notice how different you could see a painting according to the angle or the distance you stood from it?!

    The place was to me both serene and exciting. Really great.

    Sorry for my bad english...

  5. How neat! And it's friendly of them to allow photos in this Museum, Eric - or do you have a little supermagnifique spy camera hidden in a fountain pen in your pocket ...

  6. The Musee Maillol is superb! I like the warmth of the lighting in this photo too.

  7. Interesting exhibit. Since there are no people visible, I have to wonder if you chose your moment to "sneak" this photo or if it's okay as long as you don't flash.

  8. Another Maillol fan, your English is wonderful and your comment is moving.

    I never noticed Maillol much until PDP, Eric. You've increased my awareness. I was at the Getty in Los Angeles last week and saw a Maillol sculpture; must be a copy because I know the same piece exists in Paris. I recognized it immediately.

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  10. OMG, I missed my day of FABULOUSNESS because work got in the way! When I landed at JFK 7 hours ago(I JUST arrived in PHX), I had an email on my phone from Monica and Cali telling me about the picture!!! I would have taken my glasses off if I thought I would wind up as a featured player! What a great surprise.
    What great company, what a fun day.
    Thank you all for the nice things you said yesterday. It meant even more to me as we had an emergency landing at JFK (all went well)and all those nice things you said plus a pix really helped lift my spirits.
    Carrie: A French cigale is a cricket in English .Apparently they are big in Provence, . Well, that is how it was explained to me years ago.
    The Recamier part of the name is a funny story. When La Cigale relocated from Rue Chomel(right on tonton!) they bought La Recamier restaurant on rue Recamier and added it on to La Cigale so they could keep the restaurant sign!!!! Madame Recamier was painted by Jacques Louis David and I just assume the little street was named after her.
    Must sleep as I have been up 21 hrs.......

  11. A fan of Maillol who can communicate in English that well is a friend of mine!

    An emergency landing, PHX? Must research this.

    Neat photo, Eric. Glad to know you're still loving the art around you.

  12. I believe she said emergency landing at JFK Jeff. Tell us what happened Lynn, but most importantly, glad you're ok.

    One of the best museums in Paris, the Maillol, and never over-crowded.

  13. Hmmmmm, well, as sex999 pointed out:

    (just kidding....I have no idea what that all says)

    If someone handed me a plane ticket right now in the middle of the night and said I could fly to Paris to see that exhibit but I had to leave immediately would I go? Absolutely!

  14. Goodness Phx glad you're ok.

    Guille is there anything you DON'T know? :)

    Eric I love the perspective in this. Looks an interesting exhibition.

  15. Beautifull as ever!
    Even 'inside' Paris makes me home sick.

    And you might delete the comment from sex999 ...
    Google translate...

    bonne journée

  16. Phx good thing we're hearing about this emergency landing after it happened and now that we know you're ok, otherwise we'd be worried sick.

    I noticed that this corridor of the museum is rather narrow, which is not so commum in museums. Usually they have large galleris so that we can appreciate the pieces better.
    But I'm guessing the other areas of this museum are not all like this in the picture.

  17. Monica, please put this museum on your list for May. I promise you will love it!

  18. Oops! Did I say May? Oh yeah right, you've changed your plans to come for the picnic! Good thing you're not going to miss it this year...

  19. Lynn, ahah. I would looove to know everything.

    PHX, I don't like this story of emergency landing. hmhm.

    Monica, it's a narrow corridor because Le Musée Maillol is like an old hotel, with a paved courtyard etc. That's a nice place.

    Michael: devil. Oh, it rhymes!

  20. I had a dog called Brie. Er...just thought I'd say...:o

    he he Guille I have a thirst for knowledge too. Wouldn't it be great! I love the way you say hmhm by the way! So cute.

    What do I rhyme with then Michael? Go on, you know you want to.

  21. Michael stop teasing me! You know it´s not up to me, I can´t decide for myself to be there in May!!!!
    Unless I quit my job! :-P

    Since you told me to, this museum is now on my list.

    Guille, I want no excuses, if I go to Paris in June you WILL take at least one day to meet me, exams period or not!!!

  22. "Guille: Brie"...That's cheesy! (hahaha).

    Lynn, a "thirst for knowledge", for sure, but for now it's more a thirst of coffee/tea to stay awoken...

    Monica, I've no excuse, if you come in June I'll, of course, meet you. And I hope to meet you more than one day! But if I don't pass my exams, it will be your fault. LOL

  23. PHX, after the scary airline news this week I'm so glad you're okay! I'm amazed at how many heroes there are in New York (not to mention in the air). I wonder if there are that many everywhere. I think maybe there are.

    I can't find anything on the web about PHX's emergency landing at JFK. Can anyone point me to it?

  24. he he Michael. I so KNEW you'd choose that. Qui, moi?? :0

  25. Well, I ahh, hate to tell the public this, but these kind of emergency landings are a dime a dozen. These are the ones where, when something happens, in this case the spoilers on the wings weren't working,that they still will expect a perfect landing. Just in case it isn't perfect, they clear a special runway that in this case is the longest one at JFK, with emergency vehicles, like I said ,JUST IN CASE. The latino flight attendant sitting next to me broke the tension by putting on his cap and scarf for his potential going down the slide debut because he wanted to look his best for the cameras, Telemundo TV and his interview with Christina, the latina Oprah.

    Since this uneventful situation happens a lot, it doesn't even make a blurb on the news,including the thousands of uneventful bird strikes that happen every year.
    Thanks again for your concern. I really am touched.
    And if things went the other way, I would have been REALLY mad if I never knew of MY debut on yesterday's PDP!

  26. PHX, you remind me of a flight I was on once from LA to Seattle. This was ages ago. I was sitting at the back of the plane when the pilot came on the intercom and told us we had to turn back to LA because our landing gear wouldn't retract. I heard one of the flight attendants say, "We're gonna die."

    I'm sure he was kidding. I'm sure this was one of those "routine emergency landings." But it didn't help!

  27. Phx: your last line cracked me up! You have the best sense of humor.

    I am now very curious to visit this museum. How nice to think I can visit Paris (I wish as often as Phx)and still discover something new each and every time.

  28. Interesting Phx!
    Wow Petrea how awful to hear that, joke or otherwise!

    Michael I'm going to sin right now and put the willies into you (metaphorically lol) by telling you we are again down to 0 centigrade. The icy wind do blow again, dear Sir - in your direction! Aahahahahaha! That's my wicked witch laugh for those uninitiated.

  29. Phx, definetely a great sense of humor.

    Guille what can I say, if you don´t pass, it will have been for a good reason! (just kidding!)

  30. PHX, so glad all is well. ThanX for the update. Like Petrea, I scoured the internet for info, found none.

    Monica, I am heartbroken that you will not quit your job just to meet me in May. Ah, c'est la vie.

  31. There is something I can feel from here... Don't know what precisely. Maybe the quietness of this narrow corridor. Silent or serene...?

  32. Very cool photo. I'm glad we "allowed" you to take it, Eric!

    Hope you had a pleasant trip to the Museum.