Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Le Cyklop is watching you

I love it when artists use some of the street furniture to turn it into a creative piece of art. I already showed you the work of the Texas knitters, a rainbow pole and even this friendly hello(!) let me show you today a new work by Le Cyklop that I found at place Saint Sulpice. Very clever. More on Le Cyklop's site where you can even see a little video of the making of. Why don't I have creative ideas like that?!


  1. Pretty cool. Note that the Cyclop is also impersonating a cow.

  2. By the way, where is the "making of" again? You forgot to link ;) TF

    Where is everybody, anyway?!!

  3. The making of is on the Cyklop's site Tomate...

  4. ooops...

    Tomate will be right back. Tomate is now busy trying to get her foot out of her mouth (could be a while, it's really deep in there).

  5. Je les adore....ton photo et la vidéo du Cyclop. On apprend chaque jour quelque chose de nouveau. Merci milles fois.

  6. Very cool, Eric! You probably would have had this idea eventually. Unfortunately, Le Cyklop beat you to it! Tant pis.
    Tomate -- are you going to have a crown of Cyclopses? (What IS the plural of Cyclops anyway?)

  7. Merci for the link to the video at the Le Cyklop's site. That is really cute, and I love the music. Street art in broad day-light. What courage! And the little boy is a nice touch too.

    Eric, you have creative ideas. Every artist I have known always felt that they did not; I think it is because artists are basically over-achievers. No matter what they do, they think it is lacking in something. I watched Picasso painting once, and he looked like he did not approve of his art at all! I mean, he was muttering things to himself violently. And everyone thinks he was one of the most creative men alive during his time. So, go figure. :-s

    I remember your "Hey you!" photo. I sent it to a lot of people via email. You really captured it perfectly. Just love it!

  8. Cyclopes ;) (plural)

    Wow amazing, Eric. I've only ever heard of this in Paris, decorating street furniture.

  9. hmmm a good place for a spy cam don't you think?

  10. Hmmm.. don't know about that, Alexa, I think that might be a bit creepy. Or .. I might start resembling the Google car or something ;)


    How about some feet to put in my mouth instead, I think in my case that might be more appropriate ;)

  11. So this jazzer says to this rapster, "Hey man look at that pole with one eye!" And the rapster puts his hand over one eye and says, "Okay, what am I looking for?" Ugh!!! ;-)

    This pole is utterly...well, udderless! But definitely a cool Parisian Odyssey nevertheless. Got milk?

    Merci Eric!

  12. It's fun to see what the artists do with the bollards along the street. They are pretty nice street features to begin with--funtional and attractive--but the artistic touches always fascinate me. Of course, it reminds me of the movie "Cool Hand Luke".

    By the way, Place St. Sulpice is one of my favorite places because of the cafe there. Fabulous girl..., um I mean people watching when everyone is getting off of the bus, sitting for a drink, flirting, chatting. I love it.

  13. Le Cyklop is indeed very clever and creative - and as a devoted PDP fan I must say : SO ARE YOU, Eric !

  14. I love people with a sense of fun. Cyclopes is now on my to do list.
    It reminds me if some street artists back in the 80's who would decorate street pole signs at the very top with all kinds of delightful artistic inventions. NYC couldn't take them down fast enough but I was able to get some pictures
    BTW,on the video, it looks like Cyclopes uses paper graffiti to cover a pole first, which eventually wears off.

  15. Very snazzy ~ I love the leopard print in Le Cyklop's video too {and as Lois says, the music is great!}.

    Eric, just imagine the photographers who look at your Tenin perspective and sigh, "Why don't I have creative ideas like that?!" ;)

    Coltrane, LOL!

  16. I was always impressed with the fish and pandas in my neighborhood in Tokyo. They were done entirely with horizontal stripes on the bars of the handrail. Another panda here.

    If anyone is wondering about Jeff’s Cool Hand Luke reference...

    Hmm. If someone did to Cyklop’s bollards what Luke did to the parking meters, gathered them in a bouquet and put them in water that person would have a nice vase of irises. Nope. I’m just out of my league today trying to compete with the master Coltrane.

  17. Tall Gary, I love your new profile pic! Did you loose one ear ?

  18. Hello,
    thank you for your nice comments.

    I realize my Cyklop in Paris on the posts that prevent cars mounting the pavement. But "invasion" of Cyklop must be global, if anyone of you across this type of posts (with a ball and a tube) around the world, it would be nice to send me a mail (lecyklop@orange.fr) and let me know. I could intervene in very different cities ...

    Thank you again soon on www.lecyklop.com

  19. I enjoy your beautiful photos from Paris. It is nice to be albe to feel Paris staying in Tokyo. Thank you, Eric!
    By the way, Japanese people would feel very familiar with this photo as we have a very famous animation character called "Medamaoyaji", eye-ball phantom which is quite similar to this ball. Nice thing.

  20. Hi everyone,
    I agree a lot with SuzieM13 and Bettina comments.
    Don't know how you can even think you are not creative Eric... That's soooo warming to come here and see what you are giving to us. Call you generous, that's for sure.
    I think that your title is a kind of what I'm doing every day. Because I need it, can't stop.
    Maybe as the previous comment said, I can feel Paris through you from far away.
    Saint sulpice is a place I remember very well as I gave a very first French kiss there to a lover I was with at this time, a long long time ago... There was no cyklop there at that time, I am sure :)

  21. Was that the real CyKlop? The artist has visited the blog! Very exciting. I'll be out looking for these ball/tube things today in Pasadena. I don't think we have them, but you never know.

    Creative? Eric, you've created a worldwide empire of blogs. In the 21st century, you can't get much more creative than that.

  22. Hi everybody!!!

    Wish I had more time or more internet access to keep up with you. I miss checking PDP everyday...
    Anyway, everything' s great, I had a wonderful meeting with the gang last week, finally got to meet my eyes and ears in Paris: PHX!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't describe how happy I am for meeting all these fabulous people.


    PS: Guille been trying to contact you, send some smoke sign when you can! ;)

  23. I wonder how the large ball-type bollards in Cannes would look with the CyKlop eye? No pole, just the large sphere (eye). I have photos, but maybe they show up on Google Map Streetview.

  24. Yes! On rue d'Antibes in Cannes. CyKlops: there's your new challenge!

  25. Oh, I saw this one! It's pretty cool. I wish they could be all like that!

    Tomate, GF (I know you like it LOL)!!

    Monica, I used Fb to contact you, just back from Uni and phone out of credit... Grrr.

  26. Look, one of those new i-bollards!

    Today's pic reminded of the time
    some 'creative' person painted all the red post boxes in our neighbourhood gold.
    We would wake up to find that another one had been painted overnight until they were all gold!
    Anyway, we became strangely attached to our exclusive gold post boxes and there was a general sense of disappointment when, after a few weeks, the authorities changed them back to boring red.

    The phantom post box painter was never discovered. Who knows, he/she may be coming to a town near you soon!

  27. Eric? Creative? Nah. I think the term "über-creative" is more fitting.

    I love this kind of stuff. The fire plugs in my hometown of Bristol, Rhode Island, have been painted like little revolutionary soldiers since I was a kid. Visitors sometimes mistake them for little children!

  28. Of course I had to check out Cyclops today in front of St. Sulpice. I was about to ask where they were when I finally found them in the back of the antique market. There was lots of first class graffiti there too, and after I took some pictures of the work of Miss Tic, Mensanger(sp) and Jef Aerosol, I found a lady following me doing the same. She was an elderly French woman with the same interests as I. She gave me places to go in Belleville and Menilmontant to catch some great graffiti. Had a cafe at your cafe in your honor, Jeff.

  29. Love it!! It shows people are alive and thinking..important these days.

  30. interesting! :)


  31. Le Cyklop is very creative indeed! And the making of is amazing. Congratulations for illuminating the city with your art.

    As everyone, I confirm : I love YOUR creativity Eric. SO MUCH !!!!!

    Drummond, thank you for sharing this funny and lovely story :) If this "phantom post box" decided to do the same thing in Paris, sure he/she would have to spend more than a few weeks before ending the job... or meeting Eric's camera!!

    Tonton, alive and thinking, well said !


  32. Goodness Drummond I seem to have in the cobwebs of my brain somewhere that it's an offence to tamper with Her Majesty's postboxes...? I know, I'm an awful bore about such things ;)

  33. Ugh, PHX-CDG, you are breaking my faux Parisienne heart. Never again will I limit myself to only 2 days ALONE in Paris! Until the time of the PDP picnic, all I did was drag my sleep-deprived, dehydrated body all over the city. I missed so many of the little gems that make Paris so special.

  34. And was the people watching good at St. Sulpice, PHX?

  35. LOL PHX, I can picture you investigating at Place Saint Sulpice. Let me know if the place you were recommended by the lady is worth going to.

    Petrea, Suzy... When I said "Why don't I have creative ideas like that?!" I was not fishing for compliments, I was just envious of this guy!

    Which guy did check in apparently, well thank you Mr Cyklop, congratulations again ;)

    Off I go to bed, I have a very busy week, I have to go to bed.

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