Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paris Gay Pride 2009

Last weekend was really busy. After the group moonwalk that I posted yesterday, I rushed to Bastille, to reach the end of the 2009 Paris Gay Pride. It was not very different from last year of course, only this time I've tried to get a broader view, in order to get a Paris monument in the picture... Here you go! This big dome in the background belongs to the Pantheon and it's located 1,25 mile away from where I took the photo (yes, it was a clear day!). Like always I took a zillion photos. Have a look at this little Animoto if you want to see them.


  1. Very cool!

    Here is a stereo effect for you. I posted on my blog Gay Pride in San Francisco 2009, with a few shots on Flickr.

  2. That's a heck of a lot of pride in one place!

    Love seeing the Pantheon in the background. Looks like a fantastic day. Thanks for rushing over there to take photos for us!


  3. Ooops, I'm sorry, I forgot the link! Here you go, Gay Pride San Francisco

    It wasn't nearly as crazy and flamboyant than 2 years ago, when you came and we had the PDP picnic. This year, San Francisco's mood was a little bit more restrained, I think, in part because of the recession (the contingents gave out fewer goodies to the crowd than they did in past years) and also because of Prop 8 (also called Prop. Hate) through which people voted to repeal same sex marriages last November.

  4. Like the Animoto! Some interesting outfits there!

  5. Let's make it surround sound. Here's my offering:
    Gay Pride NYC.
    I love this photo, Eric—and I see that this time, for a change, you got up high! You've been all over town for us this weekend. Hope you know how much it's appreciated, mon ami!

  6. The broader view gives one an idea of how huge this event is. Very nice photo!

    Tomate & Alexa: thanks for the links. I hope people in other cities share their photos as well.
    Prop. Hate says it all. How did that ever pass in CA?

  7. Cali, I believe one of the biggest problems was that a lot of money was pumped into the cause from certain out-of-state businesses and religious sects. The advertising in favor of Prop 8 convinced a lot of people who were on the fence to vote for it.

    I'd think Prop Hate would bring out more people of pride, not less!

  8. Suzy says it all. But it ain't over yet!

    Great photos, Eric. And I love the animoto.

  9. I love, love, love this photo, Eric! And what a fabulously glorious day it looks like from the animoto.

    I don't know, though - what street is this? From where can one see this view of my beautiful Pantheon in the area of Bastille - can anyone tell me?!!

    Also, I'm wondering - where are all the women? It looks like its all men! There must be at least a couple of lesbians in France, no? Or do the lesbians get their own parade?!

    I checked earlier on Tehran 24 and Amir hadn't posted after the 29th. Is there any news of what happened to him between the 17th & the 29th? Maybe it's just nighttime there. Or maybe he's taking a break. Or maybe he doesn't want to say what happened. I absolutely don't want to cause him any troubles by asking, I'm just curious.

  10. Carrie -- I was standing at the NYC parade with 3 strangers (who all just happened to be French-speaking), and they all commented that there were way more women in the parade than there were men. It was true (though not reflected in my photos, simply because the men seem to be so much more flamboyant and photogenic). Alors, Eric—was this true in Paris as well?? And, Tomate, what about SF?

  11. Eric - Loved your animoto. It could almost be San Francisco, except there were no "Dykes on Bikes." You must be exhausted running all over the place. But Thanks.

  12. Carrie, I suspect Amir may be very tired. He will tell us if/when he can.

  13. "I'd think Prop Hate would bring out more people of pride, not less!" I agree, Suzy.

    Shell: regarding your question from yesterday: I should have put a Do Not Touch sign on the crown because Tomate had no problem grabbing it from me! ;)

  14. Carrie, I think it might be Bvd Henri IV, the only one leaving place de la Bastille in the direction of the 5th arrondissement.

  15. What a fantastic perspective, Eric. The Pantheon almost looks like it's been painted on in the background. {Hey - wait - you haven't been trying your new Photoshop skills on this, have you?}

    I didn't know Spiderman and zebras are gay. There's my something new for the day.

    from cali ~ LOL!

  16. Foro ne oft heve rybest view sof Paris taketh ed o met our oft he Pant he on.

    ( must get thisspace bar fix ed)

  17. It must have been a huge celebration. Paris looks like one big fun party and the weather cooperated to the fullest.

  18. As I was saying, for one of the very best views of Paris, take the dome tour of the Pantheon

    From the top you get a great panorama of Paris, lower and on a more human scale than the ET or Tour Montparnasse, and a wonderful view of the ET.

    As I recall there was no extra charge for the tour which made it all the more enjoyable for a Scotsman!

  19. Maryelene - Thanks - I'll look at a map and check out the Boulevard.

    Dru mmond!!! : )

  20. I've never been up in the dome, but now I'd like to go and see the view!

  21. Do you have any photos of the tour to share, Drummond?

  22. LOOOOOOOOOOL Drummond :)
    Your space bar seems to be as funny as you are! Or may be hot ... as you are too? ;)
    I'm still able to read you even with this and I admitt that I did not know this tour was possible!! A human brain is able to recognize words if the first and the last letter are well placed even if the other letters are not in the right position inside the word.
    Though, for NNS, it may be harder in another langage.
    Good evening in the parisian warmth, Eric!

  23. Yay Pride. Thanks for your great photographic summary of Paris' celebration.

    It was a beautiful day here in SF. In regards to more women than men in the parade? Honestly, I don't know. It was certainly very family themed - lots of kid in the parade - perhaps as a reaction to the passage of Prop. Hate.

    It's true, though: men will always get more coverage in the press...I have my own theories as to why, and none of them are positive, unfortunately.

    On the other hand, it looks like Paris had its own "Dykes on Bikes" contingent? There is a Dyke March held here the night before Pride every year. Is there one in Paris, too?

    buzzgirl (signed into gmail as someone else, and too lazy to log out and resign in.)

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