Friday, April 23, 2010

April in Paris...

I'm not a big fan of flower photos, but when I saw these ones in the Luxembourg gardens this evening, I could not help but taking a photo. I also thought of the unforgettable song April in Paris (click here to listen to the Ella Fitzgerald version). As a matter of fact April in Paris can be pretty cold (10° C or 50° F on average) and rainy (14 days of rain on average!). So I don't know really why Paris is supposed to be so wonderful in April! More about Paris Climate on Wikipedia.


  1. Eric, this photo could be Holland. Very good possible that these tulips come from 'les Pays Bas' !!

  2. I really must walk in Paris more often and further than the very little I do everyday... and come across such nice things.
    I agree with you Eric : I'm not very fond of flowers photos but these ones are beautiful ! :) I'm fond of real flowers and even of cut flowers I must admit it. Flowers give all they have during the very little time they usually last.
    Yes Peter it could be a bit of Amsterdam.
    I'm going to listen to April in Paris right now. And dream all night long!

  3. Ah, but it's the feel of Eric's photo, not just the flowers.

    I've always dreamed visiting Paris April ...probably due to watching "Sabrina" too many times and hearing Audrey Hepburn tell Humphrey Bogart to walk in the Bois du Bologne and smell the chestnut trees.

  4. So beautiful! Paris is wonderful anytime.

    We love Paris in the springtime.
    We love Paris in the fall.
    We love Paris in the summer when it sizzles.
    We love Paris in the winter when it drizzles.
    We love Paris.
    Why,oh why do we love Paris?
    Because our Eric is there!

  5. This is what Ella was singing about. The April in Paris one fantasizes about. Especially on a gloomy CA day. The sun will come out tomorrow - or so says the forecast. :D

  6. Mrs V knows who we love most in Paris!

    Of course, the flowers are nice too. I've only seen Paris in March- grey and rainy. So colorful and rainy must be better!

  7. Lovely! We honeymooned in Paris 13 years ago this month. We stayed right around the corner from these gardens at the Lutetia. It was wonderful!

  8. I lune de mieled at L'Hotel!

    This picture looks even more awe inspiring when blown up.

    So, Eric, did you get the picture I have been asking for while in the Lux. gardens?????

  9. Hi Eric - I posted "April in Paris" too today, and linked you. It's not what you might think. Please stop by!
    Lori Lynn
    P.S. Your shot is so so beautiful.

  10. Eric,
    Don't make me slap you around and remind you that you LIVE IN THE MOST WONDERFUL CITY THERE IS!! Do NOT complain about the weather.

    Sigh. Now. This is a lovely shot of Paris in the spring. Oh that I could be right there.

  11. Tulips are around in April, aren't they? Love them and the red dark ones are amazing. Luxembourg Gardens... a favorite spot to have lunch in a bench.

  12. What a deep colour of purple -- stunning. Eric, you take more photos of flowers than you realize. Last November, I took on the mammoth job of looking at everyone of your photos that you posted since 2005. I was looking just for flower photos. I think I found a little over a dozen photos. Seven of the photos I framed and are hanging in my kitchen and bathroom. I like flowers in those rooms -- it looks fresh.

  13. Goregous flowers. I would have stopped too and taken many photos.

  14. Eric,

    10 degrees celsius is not cold at all--at least for someone living in the tropics like me! I'd love to have such a nice temperature in my country but that's never going to happen. The nightly minimum even in the coolest month (December) has never dipped below 22 degrees celsius in living memory.

    P.S.: Those are really nice flowers by the way.

  15. Beautiful! Lovely, lovely tulips.

    Mrs. V--I think we would have to totally agree that our favorite thing in Paris is Eric!

  16. Eric -- Lois's comment alone should make you realize that there's nothing wrong with a wonderful photo of flowers—and these, btw, are gorgeous! Ella would approve.
    PHX -- I'm envious, though I used to hang out with friends who lived at that hotel before it was renovated and became L'Hotel—when it cost practically nothing to live (not stay, live) there. So what room were you in?

  17. does Paris have many gardens Eric?
    This one really is lovely.
    From what I can tell, Paris seems to be beautiful even when it is raining & cold.
    Have a great weekend Eric.
    : )

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  19. Wow! The good thing of months of Spring is that: the flowers in the garden! I'd like to go to "La Ville Lumiere" in Spring or when the gardens are still pretty flowered.
    Notice, I've never seen tulips in gardens, only in bouquets.

    Greetings to you from El Salvador, Central America.

  20. I, again. Only I want to say 'bout my last comment that I have never been in Paris. I mean, about the tulips that I never have looked.!

    I love you, Paris XD

  21. You know I am an April Baby and I have celebrated many a B'day in Paris[including the big 50 seven years ago..LOL!]and this is one of my favorite songs. Of course anything with Ella is just perfect in my book!! ;-)

    "I never knew the charm of spring

    I never met it face to face

    I never knew my heart could sing

    I never missed a warm embrace

    Till April in Paris

    Whom can I run to?

    What have you done to my heart?"

    I always liked the "whom can I run to?" verse...Sweet!!

  22. April in Paris can be cold and rainy, but it's definitely NOT the case today ;-) We're expecting a great weekend, warm and sunny...
    ... which is why I'm gonna be back in my countryside and take more flowers photos in my garden! Sorry, Eric & Flore ;-))

  23. Lovely... song, music and of course Paris :)

  24. What? You don't love flower photos? I guess that is what I'm for - flowers and sweets. Thanks for posting this gorgeous moment. xo A

  25. It will be rainy and pretty cold, but it is Paris. I wish I was there, even if it's raining. I agree with Virginia - you live in the most wonderful city, Eric!

  26. I often wondered why people thought April in Paris was so great. I prefer the fall.

  27. I was there at the end of May a few years ago. It was very hot and sunny when we arrived, followed by thunderstorms, wind, rain and cold in that order!
    Have been twice in March and had very nice weather.
    Perhaps April just fits the song lyrics better.
    - but who cares?
    Always a good idea to take a raincoat when visiting Paris.

  28. Thib, I think I'm not a big fan of flower photos because what I love the most is to look at them in 3D (colors, forms, texture, perfume, yes perfume etc). But I loved reading your comment anyway !! You've made me smile!!

    Flowers are always so fragile when it rains too much, or when it is very cold that I'm telling you : I do care about all this ;-) Because fade flowers are not so beautiful! They incur the risk to be very less attractive, you know. That's a big deal! They can thank their favorite photographer then... that's true, Thib's right! It's worth photographing flowers, isn't it ? ;)

  29. I read an interview with the composers once. They wrote the music first, then the lyrics. The were thinking of May but needed two sylables to match the rythm!

  30. I'll trade you April in Chicago for April in Paris -- any day! I actually like Paris in April. My feet can cover more ground when the weather is cool, and I've found it easier to get a table at the outdoor cafes. :)

  31. Love the shot! Gorgeous and grateful flowers. What a beautiful blog. Looking forward to my next trip in these gardens. Thank you.

  32. I sit here looking at your photo and sniffing my "French Tulip" candle and can honestly say I'm in my happy place.

  33. How beautiful!! I can't wait to visit in January next year.