Monday, April 05, 2010

Jean-Jacques Henner Museum

Remember the girls legs photo 2 days ago? Well here is where I took it... I had the chance to visit the brand new Jean-Jacques Henner museum, a fabulous French (Alsacian) painter from the 19th century. When I say brand new, I mean newly reopened after an enormous amount of work (still not fully completed) in the building - a former hotel particulier that originally belonged to another French painter called Guillaume Dubufe. I enjoyed every single minute of the visit, and not only because the mantelpiece is a real piece of art, nor for the winter garden, but mainly for the fabulous paintings. Check the a little Animoto I made for you...


  1. Well Eric, that's interesting! You enjoyed every minute, and made photographs of ladies legs...
    Fancy you...

  2. LOL Peter!
    Well I'm more candid and I do believe Eric when he says he enjoyed every single minute mainly for all the beautiful paintings :)
    Both the animoto slideshow and the press book available on the website make me want to go and visit this museum.
    Which one reminds me a little of the Musée Jacquemart-André spirit too. Thank you for sharing, once more, eric. Always good to learn more and I like your animoto.

  3. Yet another place to put on my to-do list for next time. Thanks for the tip, Eric! (Oh, and I never thanked you for putting back everyone's profile picture—so merci!)

  4. Thanks for sharing! This is really a beautiful mantelpiece. And the peek of the winding staircase is so intriguing! (Anyone else love a great winding staircase?)

  5. Agree with you Christie!
    There's an invitation to an intriguing trip through this staircase ; a suggested movement of the eyes towards the next floor.
    Refer to Tall Gary's comment - under the "making of" animoto : that's well seen and funny :o))
    Looking in a mirror through time is an intriguing trip too! Wonder how she felt it, so young she seems to be right now.
    Like Alexa, I love the Animoto music too. I remember Eric already used it a couple of times in the past and it is always very appealing.
    Have a nice day, all.

  6. Love the Animoto Eric, but not too keen on the photo today (Sab will be pleased to see see, I'm not always complimentary). Must be an interesting museum. Is it similar in stature to either the Musée Maillol or the Jacquemart-Andre museum?

  7. Some nice paintings, some nice legs, some nice wine - what's for a guy not to like?! Glad you took us along on your evening out - thanks for the photo and for the animoto.

  8. I love the mantel!!! Thanks for the animoto!! You work so hard for all of ours enjoyment! Merci!! Valorie

  9. Love the animoto!! The woman with the red hair almost seems to be looking at her own portrait; wonder if she planned it?

    The Pre-Raphaelite painters are a favorite, need to put this on my list for my next visit to Paris.

  10. Very interesting. Love the perspective and curvy woodwork.


  11. Bonjour Eric,
    Lovely! I adore old fire places too but the fact remains you are attracted to any line of angelic cherubs non? Whether it be the row of girls from the past photo or a tiny version of angels in stone...I think you'll have no trouble Eric finding your way to heaven...Therese